Oyster Shell Essay

October 2, 2017 General Studies

A. Background of the survey

Environmental pollution has reached an dismaying degree and the environment has suffered an irreparable harm. Solid. liquid and gas wastes from the industries ; run off fertilisers and pesticides from the agricultural land ; am domestic sewerage from urban countries has reached a bound beyond disposal. Harmonizing to Atlantic Wire. Food waste adds up to 40 % in improper waste disposal that contributes in the pollution in our environment. Banana Peels. egg shells. rice grains. spoiled repasts are illustrations of nutrient waste and this includes the natural stuff that will be used in the survey. oyster shells. Oysters are normally consumed. cooked or natural. by worlds as a daintiness but the shells of it are normally thrown off and that’s the ground why oyster shells are one of the most common family refuse. Oyster shells are abundant in tropical states particularly in the Philippines where we have tonss of coastlines that are rich in natural resources.

Massive cultivation and harvest home of Oysters agencies big sum of waste that will take clip to break up that’s why we. the research workers. conducted this survey to decrease the part of waste even in the smallest per centum through recycling. Today. recycling. keeping our sustainability and taking attention of our environment is a large thing. While the best method is to recycle our wastes. this frequently can non be done. Therefore. the lone manner to travel seems to be to recycle. to utilize the same stuffs to do that same merchandise once more and once more. Puting aside the environmental grounds. we are besides cognizant that there are so many sectors that are in the underside of the societal ladder.

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These sectors. like hapless school establishments. don’t have any financess to purchase even the most basic demands. To back up this. we need some installations and stuffs for us to do it easier and clearer. Of class. we know that we already have some modernized equipments. but still. for those hopeless states and people who besides want to be sent in school. even a worst installation affairs. We already have whiteboards that merely need markers and projectors as the most modernised. But still. the beginning of those is merely a simple chalkboard and a piece of chalk So. the research workers. made some tests and mistakes from the natural stuff. oyster shell. to be made into a lasting chalk.

B. Statement of the Problem

This investigatory undertaking was conducted to develop a chalk utilizing oyster shell which is inexpensive. lasting and efficient. This undertaking is tested the chalks made out of oyster shells as to features by replying the undermentioned jobs: 1. If the chalks made out of oyster shells are non-toxic and safe? 2. If the chalks are lasting and does non interrupt easy by using force to it? 3. If the chalks Markss easy in different surfaces?

C. Hypothesis

This probe tested the undermentioned void hypothesis:
1. The chalks that made out of oysters shells do non tag easy in any surfaces.
2. The chalks break easy by using weak force/pressure.
D. Aims
The followers are the aims of the probe:
1. To develop a chalk made out of oyster shells.
2. To find the pros and cons of utilizing chalks made out of oyster shells.
3. To prove the quality of the chalks.
E. Significance of the survey


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