P.O.B Motivation

May 23, 2018 Management

However when put into practice, this concept is found to be more complicated than this. To motivate is to change behavior. The ‘stick’ or fear is a good motivator and when used at the correct times can be very helpful. In that context, fear has always been the ‘convenient’ choice of Malaysian managers and organizations. When all else fails, the stick approach is somehow most attractive as it usually produces instantaneous compliance and hence immediate results. Fear is also attractive as in the short term, an employee’s performance may be improved without any need for incentives or financial remuneration.

The ‘carrot’ or reward or incentive is also a good motivator to encourage workers to continue the “good job” they are doing or will encourage other workers of the rewards that can be handing to them if they do their job right, on time and effectively. Sticks: penalties for bad behavior and non-compliance; compliance is gained through fear and pain. This theory comes from the idea that folks will only perform if the reward is sufficiently high or the penalty for not performing is sufficiently negative. Like leading a horse with a carrot rather than poking it with a stick or doing both actions at the same time.

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D) Theory x and theory y: Theory X and Theory Y have to do with the perceptions managers hold on their employees, not the way they generally behave. It is attitude not attributes. I) in theory X managers rely heavily on threat and coercion to gain their employees’ compliance. Management assumes employees are inherently lazy and will avoid work if they can and that they inherently dislike work. As a result of this, management believes that workers need to be closely supervised and comprehensive systems of controls developed.

A hierarchical structure is needed with narrow span of control at each and every level. Beliefs of this theory lead to mistrust, highly restrictive supervision, and a punitive atmosphere. A typical example: a manager enters the work place and sees everyone lying on their back when there is work to be done. The manager decides to threaten them by telling them they will be fired or a lower salary or replacement. Also in order for work to be done there must have some form of supervision around them.

II) In theory y, management assumes employees may be ambitious and self-motivated and exercise self-control. In this theory it is believe that given the proper working environment employees enjoy doing their job and does it well. This theory has more trust in their employees. They possess the ability for creative problem solving. A typical example is workers have all necessary equipment, air conditioned, assistant etc. in their office and has that encouragement of being treated ‘well’ and wants to please the one who has provided them with such or has that encouragement to do the work.


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