P1 substances may contain antibacterial spray, window

April 14, 2019 Health

P1 – key legislations
• Childcare Act
• Equality Act- 2010
• Health and Safety At Work Act- 1974
• General Data Protection Regulations
• Children Act

P2- policies in place at a childcare setting
One policy placed in the childcare setting is CoSHH (2002), this stands for containing of substances hazardous to health, this is set in place so that chemicals are only used by those who need to and not in reach of those who don’t. In a childcare setting some of these substances may contain antibacterial spray, window cleaner, drain cleaner and disinfectant … consequences of these products being in the hands of people who don’t know how to use them (children) or not wearing the PPE may cause them breathing problems, skin rashes, burns in and out or eye problems some can also be more fatal.
Another policy is the registration and collection procedure this ensures children get to and from safely. Every setting will have a policy that makes it clear how the setting will arrange the registrar throughout the day and then at the end of the day or at the end of each registration they will give it to the designated person. It is a legal requirement that must be reached by every setting within the UK. You need these also as you may be asked to show these at anytime, so they need to be accurate, current and complete fully.
Every setting must also have a fire safety policy which includes where all the fire extinguishers are all fire exits and where the assembly point is. These have to be checked every year to see if they are still suitable for the environment for example in a year a new building may have been built in a primary school in this case they would have to put in new fire exits alarms and see if the assembly point was still accessible or easy to access thi0s then needs to be signed of by the fire brigade .

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P3- ways childcare practitioner keeps children safe in childcare setting
One way a childcare practitioner helps to keep a child safe is safeguarding this is when an action is set in place to promote the welfare of children within the setting and to protect them from harm.


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