Pakistan’s IT industry

Pakistan ‘s IT industry: a fast growth sector

IT industry is emerging as one of the most promising sectors of Pakistan ‘s economic system, conveying in significant grosss, foreign direct investing and making new occupation chances for the young person.

While some Nipponese investors are be aftering to put $ 50 million in Karachi ‘s IT Park, Pakistan ‘s IT exports standing at $ 175 million exceeded by $ 13 million the mark of $ 162 million set for the fiscal twelvemonth 2009-10. In the old twelvemonth, FY-2007-09, the state ‘s IT exports deserving $ 116 million exceeded that twelvemonth ‘s mark of $ 108 million.

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By registering 50 per cent one-year growing in exports during the last five back-to-back old ages, the state ‘s IT sector has displayed a enormous potency for sustained growing. If nurtured to the full, the IT industry could convey in voluminous economic and commercial benefits, harmonizing to Pakistan Software Export Board ( PSEB ) .

Sing the gait of advancement of the local IT sector and its aspirations, chances of farther growing in future is bright as this is the lone industry in Pakistan that has registered a singular growing during the last five old ages. It is believed that Pakistan ‘s one-year IT exports could hold crossed $ 220 million. A

Meanwhile, Japan ‘s Ambassador to Pakistan, Seiji Kojima late stated that some Nipponese companies have shown involvement in setting-up a monolithic database and a call Centre, with capacity of 1,000 calls, at IT Park, Karachi. Pakistan has already introduced a bundle of inducements, including revenue enhancement freedoms, until 2016, for IT sector, 100 per cent repatriation of foreign equity and net incomes and low-rent installations for IT companies.

NetSol, a local taking IT company, listed at NASDAQ, has late been dual-listed for trading on the Dubai International Financial Exchange ( DIFX ) . The presence of Pakistani IT companies on international stock exchanges is a positive mark for the foreign investings in Pakistani IT industry.

Pakistani IT companies are besides carry throughing the demands of local industry and many taking telecom companies are using their services to automatize and heighten their operations. For illustration, Mobilink has singed, a taking IT company of Pakistan and planetary supplier of Geo engineering and information engineering services, to automatize its warehouse processes. Similarly, Ufone signed to spread out its Data warehouse with state-of-the-art 5550H nodes and to heighten its client support services.

As an bureau of the authorities, PSEB is mandated to advance Pakistan ‘s IT industry, including package, IT Enabled Services, hardware and call centres locally and globally. In maintaining with this authorization, PSEB has been easing the IT industry through coders ‘ in Human Capital, Office Space, Selling, Company Capability Development, Telecom Bandwidth, Industry Finance, Public Policy, Strategy & A ; Research, and Facilitation.

IT Parks: In June this twelvemonth, PSEB issued Letter of Intent ( LOI ) to an international pool, consisting of Telco Net, Axon Group Inc Canada and Techno polis Plc, Finland, for the constitution of Pakistan ‘s first state-of-the-art National IT Park, at Chan, Islamabad. To be developed on Built Operate and Transfer ( BOT ) theoretical account on 14.90 estates, the building work on this IT Park is likely to get down in January 2009 and the undertaking is expected to be completed by January 2011. The nine billion rupees park will supply 1.5 million sq ft. of state-of-the-art office infinite to local and international IT companies.

To prolong IT industry ‘s current growing rate, PSEB will develop three more IT Parks, one each at Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad on BOT footing, for which land at premier locations has already been acquired. In future, PSEB intends to widen this web to Peshawar, Quetta and other metropoliss.

Experience Tells that in developed and emerging economic systems IT/knowledge Parkss have been instrumental to the publicity of cognition based economic systems, constellating of cognition based houses, investing, research invention and other services. Other benefits of these Parkss include: publicity of concern synergisms and facilitation of entree to capital, substructure, and human capital and policy inducements.

In these IT Parks, PSEB envisages to supply universe category substructure ( i.e. smart edifices, dependable bandwidth, electricity and security ) that is required for the success of cognition based IT houses, nanotechnology, bio-informatics, etc.

Meanwhile, to carry through immediate office infinite demands, PSEB is presently negociating with several edifice proprietors, both in public and private sector, to change over bing suited installations into IT Parks. Presently, PSEB is pull offing over 700,000 square pess of office infinite in 10 IT parks across the state.

Internship Portal: PSEB has launched its maiden web based Internship Portal ( ) for its Internships Phase-III Project. The Web portal, which is the first of its sort in Pakistan, is dedicated to fresh alumnuss seeking internships in IT industry.

This Internship Portal is envisaged to move as a accelerator to supplying the much needed human resource and ease both the alumnuss and the employers, who can shortlist IT graduates harmonizing to their demands.

PSEB ‘s Internship Programmer is one of the most successful human capital enterprises launched in Pakistan, as evident from the engagement of taking IT companies, like Net Sol, Systems Limited, TechLogix, Bearing Point, etc ; in these programmed. Under these coders, 3500 alumnuss from 220 universities/institutes have been placed in 250 IT companies in the state. The keeping rate by the IT companies has been over 80 per cent, while 15-20 per cent alumnuss received occupation offers from other organisations because of their internship experience.

Now, PSEB Internships Programmed Phase -III aims to put 6,600 fresh IT graduates in the IT industry. In add-on to a 12-month paid apprenticeship plan me, PSEB has developed corporate preparation coders ‘ to heighten the accomplishments of IT professionals.

To turn to concerns of Pakistan ‘s IT industry with respect to stringent demands by the European Union ( EU ) for outsourcing information and information, PSEB has issued Recommendatory Guidelines for acceptance of Model Clauses for transportation of personal informations from the EU to third states and Binding Corporate Rules for international transportations of personal informations. These Guidelines are recommended for Pakistani IT and IT enabled concerns, particularly the BPO ( Business Process Outsourcing ) concerns, looking to treat informations and personal information being transferred from anyplace in the EU to Pakistan every bit good as for concerns with a presence in Pakistan and often involved in planetary transportations of informations.



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