Papa Eugene Father says papa is jesus ade Coker dies by package bomb

April 7, 2019 General Studies

Papa Eugene

Father says papa is jesus

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ade Coker dies by package bomb, i was very scared that papa was also going to die like that papa was very sad when ade cocker dies.

papa donate money to church charity

“Kambili, you are precious.” His voice quavered
now, like someone speaking at a funeral, choked with
emotion. “You should strive for perfection. You should
not see sin and walk right into it.” He lowered the kettle
into the tub, tilted it towards my feet. He poured the hot
water on my feet, slowly, as if he were conducting an
experiment and wanted to see what would happen. He
was crying now, tears streaming down his face. I saw the
moist steam before I saw the water. I watched the water
leave the kettle, flowing almost in slow motion in an arc
to my feet. The pain of contact was so pure, so scalding,
I felt nothing for a second. And then I screamed (201).

Eugene Achike ,a prominent man in the hearts of the villagers of Enugu, Papa was a successful businessman who runs several successful factories and publishes the only Nigerian newspaper that dares to criticize the corrupted government. He was one of the few man that would not falter underneath the tyrannical Nigerian authority. Even though he opposes the government, he stills have the country’s interests in his heart.

Papa is a devout Catholic who is a holy and respected man to the people. Father Benedict said that the regard he has for Eugene “Pope, Papa, and Jesus in that order”. The church and the state both favours him because of his generous donations and his strong faith in god. Papa is known as the “Big Man” with the villagers coming for help.

The man of principle and honour


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