Parallel Hobbit And Beowulf Characters English Literature Essay

September 23, 2017 English Literature

The sums of nature that surround us, the nature that created our existences has produced an unbelievable figure of inquiries. Religion brought replies to these inquiries. Within the development of clip to the present clip Christianity became the most outstanding and influential of all faiths. In fact the religion was integrated into the plot lines of Beowulf and The Hobbit. The two plants are really interesting pieces as the former was originally an unwritten heroic poem verse form recited by the Anglo-saxons and the latter is a fantasy novel that was based off of Anglo-Saxon literature. Beowulf evolved from an heroic poem verse form to a written work, most probably recorded by a mediaeval bookman. F.A. Blackburn stated that “ the verse form was composed by a Christian after hearing the narratives or used old ballads as his stuff, or that it was composed by a pagan and was recorded by a Christian which gave all of the allusions found within it ” ( 1 ) . Assuming Blackburn is believable and sing that in the clip of this anon. Scribe merely the clergy and upper category had the capacity to read and compose, one could wager top dollar that the bookman was Catholic, or at least Christian. Due to this there is a high chance that the work was distorted to some extent. The verse form nevertheless doubtless describes the heroic feats of the celebrated Beowulf as he fought for others and set his life in hazard to protect others in short. The Hobbit, developed by British and devout Christian author J.R.R. Tolkien, is much non unfastened to so much ambiguity in beginnings. The fresh gives inside informations of a hobbit, Bilbo Baggins, who found his concealed potency and broke the “ 4th wall ” to go a much stronger single, while retaining his peaceable inclinations. During both plants Christianity occurs both in symbolism and in mention and has a polar function within both pieces of literature.

Greed and corruptness are among the greatest wickednesss harmonizing to the Christian faith. It is interesting to observe that both play a big function in Beowulf and The Hobbit. The first chief scoundrel in Beowulf, Grendel, is a descendant of Cain, and plays an of import function in the verse form. Adam and Eve in Jewish, Christian, Islamic texts were the first two worlds. They bore two boies, Cain and Abel. Whenever the two made forfeits to God Abel would be praised, non Cain. He grew covetous and killed his brother, therefore banished and forced to walk entirely until he died. Grendel bore the Mark of Cain doing him as much of an castaway as his ascendant was. In Beowulf Grendel was described as, “ conceived by a brace of mosters of Cain, homicidal animals banished by God, punished everlastingly for the offense of Abel ‘s decease ” ( 6 to 7, 105 to 108 ) . Grendel developed a hatred for humanity due to this and it is implied that he has existed within the context of the Beowulf narrative for many old ages and is isolated from society.

Gollum plays a similar function to Grendel in The Hobbit. During the fresh Gollum is non considered a major character nevertheless he plays a big function in the Lord of the Rings trilogy but displays more of greed than Grendel does.

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“ Grendel and Gollum both have better than mean physical strength, as writer David Day notes. Day says, ‘just as some unknown power gave Grendel tremendous physical strength and long life, so the evil power of the Ring lengthened Gollum ‘s suffering life for centuries and apparently enhanced the power of his wraith-like custodies ‘ ( Day 142 ) . Even though Frodo ‘s pursuit is to destruct the Ring and subvert Sauron, it is Gollum that is his Nemesis, merely as Grendel is Beowulf ‘s ” ( “ Tolkin and Beowulf ” ) .

Grendel and Gollum seem to endure and are really distant from society. Gollum is suspected to hold one time been like everyone else but the ring got the best of him and made him literally go insane or at least go a really eccentric and slightly demented single. Even though Grendel ‘s and Gollum ‘s idea procedures are really much different they are the same character except in different context and plants.

The firedrake can be arguably be called a manifestation of greed within literature. The Book of Revelation in the Bible topographic points accent on the firedrake by stating, “ And another omen appeared in Eden ; behold, a great ruddy firedrake, with seven caputs and 10 horns, and seven crowns upon his caputs ” ( Revised Standard Version, Revelation 12:3 ) . Harmonizing to Joseph Mandala in an on-line article the firedrake is believed to be with the remainder of the “ monsters ” as “ posterities of Cain and castawaies from the people of God. ” In this context there are similarities in both The Hobbit and Beowulf between the two firedrakes within the plot line, as noted by Mandala in the same on-line article:

“ A stealer falling through secret transitions disturbs the firedrake from his remainder by stealing a part of the firedrake ‘s gold ( which is another common yarn ) , much as Bilbo awakens Smaug by stealing the goblet. In both cases, a hero apart from the stealer destroys the firedrake, reconstructing peace and security to the land. ”

For case, the 3rd enemy in Beowulf, the firedrake, was highly punctilious at tracking his wealths. “ The animal went back to its hoarded wealth, be aftering a bloody retaliation, and found what was losing, saw what hooking custodies had stolen ” ( Beowulf and Related Readings 90 ) .When one spot of hoarded wealth was stolen by a slave who was seeking to delight his maestro, the firedrake grew angry and left a way of complete of arrant devastation as an act of blood feud.

The firedrake Smaug was the same as the firedrake in Beowulf overall as when Bilbo stole a individual spot of his wealths, he grew angry and destroyed a nearby town. As Tolkien termed Smaug ‘s choler over losing one little point of hoarded wealth within The Hobbit, “ His fury passes description-the kind of fury that is merely seen when rich common people that have more than they can bask all of a sudden lose something that they have long had but have ne’er used before or wanted ” ( 215 ) . The lone difference is that Smaug post-mortum left an incredibly strong grade on the midgets, doing them greedy and willing to kill anyone to protect it and in the Christian sense, commit great wickedness.

Greed played a larger function when Bilbo and the midgets where seeking to go through through a sea of trees that was called a individual wood. Beoron and Gandalf warned the crew non to divert from the charming way that was set up, nevertheless they succumbed to temptation to make so and jobs arose as the midgets about got eaten by spiders and so were imprisoned by the wood-eleves on the premise that they were descrying. This by itself does non intend a batch but the midgets became haunted with greed, as stated before when Smaug was killed, due to compulsion with hoarded wealth towards the terminal of the novel and stoping with the ruin of the midgets ‘ leader, Thorin Oakenshield, merely at decease recognizing the mistake of his ways. The monsters encountered throughout the novel, the hobs, spiders, Smaug and the Wargs, embody merely the poorest of qualities with no good qualities whatsoever on the other manus. When the Battle of Five Armies occurred the hobs and the Wargs fought the elves, worlds and the midgets, basically a conflict between good and evil or comparatively strong values versus what appeared to be pure immorality. This within itself creates a sense of Christian values versus sin-filled values and completes the function of greed as good within The Hobbit.

Throughout the novel, Bilbo does non give up his moralss in any case unlike Smaug, the hobs, the Wargs and the midgets. He remains true to his ideals, among them, non being inclined to kill and seeking to continue peace before the elves and worlds were about to contend the midgets. Even when times looked black as at the aforesaid clip, he did non give his moralss and therefore displayed the Christian values of non killing and compassion. Beowulf is much more epic than Bilbo but he however remains merely every bit true to his beliefs. He does kill more, but he kills animals of immorality and ne’er guiltless people. As shown in Beowulf legion times, he gives congratulations to God rather frequently. While deceasing he even states, “ For this, this gold, these gems, I thank our Father in Heaven, Ruler of Earth for all of this, that His grace has given me, allowed me to convey to my people while breath still came to my lips ” ( Beowulf and Related Readings 108 ) . Both embody what the Christian faith believes to be good and shows the Beowulf and Bilbo Baggins can be called ideal Christian heroes.

Christianity plays a big function in both Beowulf and The Hobbit. This has been evidenced by the demand order for paragraphs.


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