By November 29, 2016 General Studies

Why do parents always feel that their word has God’s mandate in heaven? Do they somehow ignore the imperfections that only their close friends and family see? Honestly they feel that they are infalible when you are young and apparently your ideas cannot possibly ever be correct. Some people believe that our imperfections can be traced back to our parents or whoever you are raised by. Not only do we copy some of their flaws, we develop almost counter-flaws by copying the extreme opposite.

“Monkey see, monkey do.” While we are not monkeys they are our close relatives in a way. I feel we live this way as well by seeing something we like and copying or adapting it for ourselves. This is how trends are set, essentially by a large group of posers. However, sometimes we adapt characteristics from our parents because that’s the only situation we have seen. For example, if I was raised by parents that never showed any affection, I might become an emotionless beast. Then I most likely would either never get married or marry someone with the same affliction. The cycle would then continue until somehow it is broken by either intense love or our family discontinues itself, essentially no children.

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Conversely, sometimes instead of adapting certain qualities that we see, we can develop the exact opposite, sometimes to an extreme. This can also create disturbances in a person’s personality or social interaction. For example, if I was raised in a house where my parents are always yelling at me and telling me I’m worthless I could potentially develop a low self-esteem. This however, might be changed when I have children because I didn’t like being treated that way so I make a conscious effort to be different. But since that’s how I was raised I might end up raising my children that way because I don’t know any other way to raise them.

These problems in parent raising makes it difficult to raise a child without our flaws.


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