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May 4, 2018 Communication

Grades are considered sensitive information, before it can be release, the identities of the students requesting the grades to be verified. Nowadays, there are a lot of schools having an online system for managing classes requesting financial aid, and performing other routine tasks. In this Institution, people can access school grades online once they enter to the dashboard area where they manage other- related tasks, and the dashboard is access with the username and password.

Some schools do not have extensive online services may still issue students and/or parents with usernames and passwords which admit them to system which allow them to see their grades, attendance information, and other basic data. This type of system can be very useful especially for parents who wants to watch on the progress of their children, and for the students who wants to keep their eyes on their grades. The advantage of viewing grades via online is that it is usually possible to do as soon as grades are received and posted.

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By viewing grades immediately, students don’t have to wait for weeks while report cards are generated and mailed, which can relieve stress and tension. There may also be other reasons for wanting to see grades via online, like wanting to check grades and to monitors progress in a class. The typical manual system that is being used in Osias Colleges Inc. and other universities is the Class card. This is where the students view their grades. The Osias Colleges Incorporated – College Department are manually distributed their grades to the students.

The administration office will release the grades of the students after they encode and students can get their grades in the administration office. Students may consume time going to school just to get their class cards. Also, a lot of parents are neither aware nor updated on their child’s performance in school; they did not know the grades of their children received. Usually the students do not want to show their grades to their parents, or some parents live in a distance place(abroad) that is why they don’t have chance to show their grades if they like to do so.

My study focuses on online viewing of grades of students in Osias Colleges, Incorporated-College Department. I attempt to design and proposed a grading system which will to enhance the process and flow of the existing system. The grade will directly encode in the online system by the instructor. The computation of grades is not included in the said system. Students may view their past and presents grades using the internet. This study is being undertaken to provide a system where students can view their grades online with the help of internet. 2

It will improve the manual system which is releasing class cards to view their grades. This proposed study in providing a system that will minimize the time in going back to school just to see/get their class cards. It will provide the students the benefit of saving time and will help them to improve their performances by means of monitoring their grades. Parents can share the benefits of using the system to help their children improve their academic performances. Statement of the Objectives The following are the specific objectives of the proposed system: 1.

1 To design and develop a system that can increase the access of the information about the school through the use of internet. 1. 2 To evaluate the existing system in terms of: Reliability Ability of the system to provide expected results as to students viewing of grades. Ability of the system to utilize transactions of the school concerning student’s grade Maintainability of the system. SECURITY Students account is provided by password for its protection. 3 System data regarding students’ grade are safe from destruction or loss. Accuracy Correctness of information in the system

Easy and convenient viewing of students’ grade. Effectiveness The system work as expected. Minimum effort in viewing of grades. Significance of the Study Having an online viewing of grades and information of Osias Colleges, Incorporated-College Department would be beneficial to is student, faculty, parents and administration. Students. The result of the study will help them to view their grades and other school information by signing in to their account. Parents. The findings of the study will provide them knowledge on their Childs’ performance.

The study will also serve as a simple platform for parent teacher communication. They can easily monitor their Childs’ grades and progress in school. 4 Administration. The results of the study will provide insights in designing new system or program particularly catering to the needs of concerns of the students. It will lessen the administration tasks in encoding and releasing the class cards. Other Individuals. The study will serve as tool in order for them to view the information about Osias Colleges Incorporated that serve as a basis to enroll in college. Scope and Delimitation of the Study Scope of the Study

The proposed system covers the development of the Online Viewing System of Grades for Osias Colleges Incorporated – College Department. For students who want to keep an eye on their grades, they can monitor their progress in class by means of viewing their grades via online. Students can update their information through the system. Latest news about Osias Colleges Incorporated – College Department will be able to view by the students through the use of system. The system provides security on students account. The system will provide other individuals to view information about Osias Colleges Incorporated.

5 Through the system, students can change their password in their accounts. Delimitations of the Study The system is delimitated by the following: The system limits to computers with internet access. The system is not capable to print grades of the students. Computation of student grades is not included in the system. Students cannot access their accounts if there is a power interruption. Definition of Terms The following are defined in accordance with their operational meaning to have a working knowledge and better understanding of the research study. Access. Access refers to the capability of grades.

Account. Account refers to the item whereby students of Osias Colleges Incorporated – College Department can access their grades and other school information. Administration. Administration refers to the institution as a whole, being governed by its president, staff and faculty members. Dashboard. Dashboad refers to the area which you can find regarding students grade. 6 Features. Features refer to a variety of service that the system may offer to the students. Grades. Grades refer to the collection and evaluation of proof in students’ achievement or performance over specified period of time.

Institution. Institution refers to the school, wherein students enrolled. Internet. Internet refers to the system where you can search different information to access one’s account. Interruption. Interruption refers to the insufficient of power supply. Online. Online refers to the system through the use of internet. Password. Password refers to the secret word that you enter to access your personal data/account. System. System refers to a scheme that students can be used to view their grades or performances via online.


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