Party the Party. Some people go home

April 16, 2019 Music

One could describe party two unusual ways and those two are “good” and “bad”. If you didn’t end up in jail, hurt, lost or killed then you might have had a pretty good night depending on if everything else went well at the Party. Some people go home and forget their wallets or lose the master card while others brake their glasses finding themselves in a ditch now dealing with insurance can be called a bad party night. Now if the day went well leading up to the party and you are having an enjoyable time and you still end up in your bed and wake up healthy and happy then the attendant had him or herself a good party.
I am going to tell you about how to have a good party so that way nobody gets hurt and nobody loses all their money and drop out of college because they had a bad night. First, you have to plan ahead of time and make sure to not procrastinate this at all because there will be consequences if planned with little time. Now one must pick a location that can satisfy the majority of the guests and when I say majority I really mean the minority. A place that’s easily accessible with a lot of space so that everything isn’t clustered together causing difficulty to leave or come.
Drinks and food are very broad but very important to have a good party. Sometimes the guests will be allowed to bring a dish of their choice unless the host will provide will all foods and drinks which possibly help to have a better night and a good party. Always have a wide variety of drinks and never limit it with just juice or just soda or just alcohol. Have juice, soda, water, alcohol and few margaritas mix with lime and salt. This way nobody complains about not liking the beverages and starting a chaos at the party. Next thing you know Uncle Jim is in the kitchen starting fights because there is only alcohol or just juice.
Now that’s all in the order you must come up with few party activities that way the guests don’t die of boredom or alcohol poisoning. It seems these days music alone can have a great impact on having a good party so it’s definitely going on the activity list. With music comes dancing and with so many different styles coming from different cultures you can never have a bad party with everyone dancing anyway they want to the music playing with a little apple juice in their systems. The one activity I feel like maybe everyone knows around America is beer pong of course which is a must have at a good party.
Seems the hard part is over to have a good party but the hardest part of trying to make sure nothing goes wrong is picking the guest list. There is such thing as having too many guests over at one spot dancing jumping up and down for a few hours until the floor collapses. Being picky about who to invite is not a terrible thing at all because you know everyone and that way picking who can come can lead to an easier night. Some friends or family you just know you can’t have over because once they drink too much apple juice things can go downwards really quick. Take time with picking the guest list but don’t push it back too far to where feelings are hurt, and friendships are lost.

Everything is coming together, and the preparation looks like its heading in a good direction. Throwing a good party does take a little more than just credited because it’s really hard to make sure everyone has fun meanwhile being safe to live another day to party again. Make sure nobody drinks and drives because the last thing you want is a phone call about someone wrecking their vehicle two o’clock in the morning. Prepare space in case a few friends or family decide they want to crash for the night for being tired or intoxicated. Call taxi or uber if need to be its one of the safest way drunk people can get home.
I hope this helped whoever is trying to throw a good safe party with family and friends. Remember it doesn’t always have to have twerking involved for it to be a good party but there will always be someone at the party twerking. With good times good friends and food and drinks one can be sure to have a good party all day and night. Never forget about being safe when having too much fun, it’s always better when you wake up the next morning not hurt and can still walk and talk without any of your teeth or goes missing.

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