Paths of Glory vs All Quiet on the Western Front Essay

October 6, 2017 General Studies

“Paths of Glory” and “All Quiet on the Western Front” are two different narratives about the first universe war. They are similar and different in their ain ways. Many kids born in North America normally grow up seeing war films from the America’s point of position. This is different in Paths of Glory and All Quiet on the Western Front. These films/novels display how European states fought this war. whether it was good or bad. They display both sides of WWI. and when compared can demo differences AND similarities.

Here are their differences. A thorough expression at these two narratives can bring out many differences. but the chief 1s would be the point of position being Gallic and German ; a soldiers position and an officers perspective ; and the results of each side. Waies of Glory ( POG ) displays France’s position of the war while All Quiet on the Western Front ( AQWF ) displays Germany’s position of the war. The narrative AQWF is about German soldiers’ take on the war. It relates more to immature readers lives and the battles of immature soldiers in a war.

POG on the other manus. targets the officers as the chief point of position in the war. It displays the corruptness and the trueness of officers. In POG the Gallic have the upper manus on the Germans in the war and don’t seem to of all time be drastically losing. while in AQWF. there is decease everyplace and it ends with all of the chief characters deceasing and Germany losing the war. All these things display the differences between these two epic war narratives. but there are some similarities.

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All Quiet on the Western Front and Paths of Glory have really similar chief characters. in which the characters both make the same astonishing finds. The characters in both instances realize that the existent enemy in the war is non the state they are contending against. but the leaders of their ain military. This is much more relevant in the film. POG. when it shows General Mireau telling fire on his ain military personnels. However. the subject is still in AQWF. Evidence of this is how Bodily Himmelstoss makes the men’s lives suffering. doing them make junior-grade things such as toasting drills.

Within the novel the supporters discover that the work forces they are against are non much different than themselves. Furthermore. this is highly apparent with Paul. the storyteller of AQWF. who spends a dark in a shell hole with a Frenchman who is deceasing right beside Paul. Both the novel and the movie demo the bad life conditions. although the novel is from the German point of view and the movie. from the Gallic point of view. There are many other differences in the secret plans of the two narratives.

Similarities and differences are apparent throughout All Quiet on the Western Front and Paths of Glory. The differences being the results of each side. the points of position between the two states and the points of position between officers and soldiers. The similarities of class being the corruptness. the life conditions and the shared setting/time period of WWI. When all is said and done. the differences and similarities of these Great War narratives make the brace astonishing subjects to compare and contrast.


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