Patton Fuller Hospital

By October 10, 2018 Health

Patton Fuller is a community hospital that has been proudly serving the community since 1975. Patience care is number one, and they thrive to ensure each of their patients experience is as pleasant as possible. Hospitals are under enormous pressure to treat patients in the most effective and efficient way. By leveraging the best IT systems, health organizations provide the type of patient care with the speed and efficiency required by the market. By analyzing Patton Fuller’s IT infrastructure, a determination can be made about the network and the devices supported on it as well.

The outcome of the analysis will be used to recommend new technologies in data collection, internal communication, and security. If done correctly, this will link productivity with care thereby improving performance and reducing the cost of operations in the hospital. Network Overview A review of Patton Fuller’s network reveals that the network is set up in a bus topology, which is the oldest topology. All stations are attached via cable taps or connections to a single length of cable—a wire with two open ends that are terminated by a resistor.

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The single cable is referred to as a trunk, backbone, or segment (Goleniewski, 2007). There are many different departments in the hospital: Administration, Radiology, RIS data center, and OR/ICU. The network structure for the entire hospital is 1000 BaseT with all station connect using twisted pair concept. Individual sections of departmental networks use different standards, such as 1000 BaseF (Apollo, 2013). Network Characteristics & Components The IT data center houses the hospital HIS system. There are three servers in the data center: A Windows exchange server, Internet server, and a RAS server.

All three servers are IBM 3250’s with MS Windows Exchange Server and Linux Apache operating systems. There are also a 10 Tera Byte NAS, Cisco 7609 router, and a Cisco 5510 ASA (firewall). The Hospital is connected to the Internet by an OC-1 SONET optical fiber backbone. The entire hospital is equipped with back up power although some of the individual department also has local UPS. Local UPS prevent the loss of power during the switch over from commercial to backup power. The Radiology department has two IMAC computers, two MAC Pros and one digital printer.

The OR and ICU have two IMac’s, one MAC PRO, and a wireless access point which they access using IPad’s. The devices are connected to a HP laser MFP 475 b/w printer. Last, the RIS data center comprises of a MAC PRO server with the MAC Lion operating system. An APC UPS is connected to the server in the event of a power outage. The data center also contains two printers, an IMAC computer and a Promise 48TB RAID disk storage. STANDARDS There are many LAN standards utilized by Patton Fuller Hospital all of which are baseband Ethernet LAN’s. IEEE 802.

3 is the working group that creates and defines the entire family of Ethernet standards (Goleniewski, 2007). First, 802. 3ab, which was completed in 1999, is 1000base-T Gigabit Ethernet over twisted pair at 1Gbps. 802. 3ab uses UTP category 5, 5e, 6, or 7 cables. Gigabit Ethernet is capable of transmitting 1Gbps of data over distances of 300ft. It is easy to implement because most companies already use a category 5 or higher grade of cable. The second standard LAN standard used in the hospital is 802. 3x or 1000Base-X Gigabit Ethernet over fiber at 1 Gbps.

Gigabit Ethernet builds on top of the Ethernet protocol but increases speed drastically over Fast Ethernet to 1 Gbps (Cisco, 2014). In order to maintain quality health care, the IT systems need to be robust. For instance, a study of Texas hospitals found that hospitals with more advanced IT showed fewer deaths and problems with care among their patients when compared to those at hospitals with less advanced IT (HealthIT. gov, 2014). A thorough review of the IT system can pinpoint deficiencies in the systems and lead to improvements in efficiency, security, and internal communications.

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