Pauline Ethics Essay

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1. Why is it necessary that actions proceed from moral and religious vision? It is necessary that actions proceed from moral and religious vision because the attainment or achievement of our vision or ends is when we will be able to set it into action. What is in Black Marias and heads must be seen through our actions because grace to Apostle Paul work in the interior out. Like Apostle Paul. his ethical instruction flows from a moral vision. For him. to be a Christian is to able to make God’s will. To cognize the Christian codifications of right behavior and behaviour. we must hold the moral capacity to move on them. In short. if one has moral character so one will move morally. In Colossians 3:1-2. Paul said that “Since. so. you have been raised with Christ. put your Black Marias on things above. where Christ is seated at the right manus of God. Put your heads on things supra. non on earthly things. ” If we are seeking after the elevated Lord Jesus Christ so it envisions our practical chase of religious ends. Then to put our heads on things above. emphasizes that we have the religious capacity to carry through those religious ends.

For illustration. one of my moral visions is to be more patient plenty or to command my being hot tempered against unreasonable people. In order to achieve this end of mine so I have to pray for them to go full-blown adequate and besides inquire God to give me wisdom in covering with them particularly in giving responses. reactions or remarks to what they say. Further. I have to befriend them and seek to make out with their demands.

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All these moral and religious visions will be accomplished through our actions since we participated in the decease and Resurrection of Christ ; we are now being transformed into new individual by God’s grace.

2. How do the virtuousnesss of Faith. Hope and Love affect the pattern and behavior of your ain peculiar profession? These three virtuousnesss affect the pattern and behavior of my profession in such a manner that as a Social Worker I am committed to assist the less fortunate people or people who are deprived from their ain rights ( clairvoyance. the indigent ) in the upliftment of their lives. Because of my religion that God will ne’er go forth us nor abandon us ( Hebrews 13:5 ) and that He will supply all our demands harmonizing to glorious wealths in
Christ Jesus ( Phil. 4:19 ) so I have to maintain traveling. non to be discouraged in assisting these clients. This virtuousness of religion thrusts me to trust that someday. somehow. these less fortunate people will lift from their present state of affairs and be able to exert their right and responsibilities as people of our state. Besides to prosecute my committedness. I have the responsibility to love these people as Jesus loved me unconditionally. There are times that it’s non easy to love particularly if I encounter ill-mannered people but to be able pattern my religion. I ought to make so.

3. How would you further ethical/moral values in the undermentioned worlds? a. Consumerism – purchasing merely what I need ( want vs. demand ) . By being practical and maximising my resources to the fullest. Besides when purchasing something. make non be trade name witting but focal point on the utility of that thing.

b. Mundane and Profane inclinations – non to conform to the form or evil desires of this universe but be transformed by the renewing of your mind… ( Romans 12:2 ) even if it is the tendency. To stand out against the universe.

c. Relativism – by esteeming one’s religion and beliefs. Besides being unfastened to the position of others non to be so closed with what I know and how I understands different things in life but be willing to portion or exchange with one’s sentiment and thoughts.

d. Technological Dependence – for me by taking merely what is applicable to my demand and demand of times. Personal relationship should non be sacrificed merely because of this high engineering.

e. Economic Scarcity – being resourceful and practical and maximising the full potency of such – ( Principle of supply and demand ) . For illustration. there was nutrient scarceness in a certain country because of typhoon desolation. Relief goods were distributed and so there were crowd falling in line. In this instance. I would give precedence to senior citizens. the ill. pregnant and the disabled. though all of them have equal demand.

4. How do you exert your peculiar profession in the position of the
following Christian Gifts ( Romans 12:4-11 ) ? a. Prophecy – For me. when I was in the National Irrigation Administration as Irrigator’ Development Officer. I do a batch of field work. meetings. and preparations. I ever inject the word of God in giving opening supplications in the behavior of meetings and preparations. Even when I do home trials. during informal Sessionss with my clients I inspire them with the words of God particularly when they open-up their jobs and troubles in life. In that manner. I know I was able to exert this gift of prophesy.

B. Practical Service – When I perform my responsibilities and duties. I do it with all my bosom non to delight my foreman or colleague but to delight God. Since we have a multi-task map in the office before. even cleaning the comfort suites. ( when our janitor retires and our office did non engage any longer alternatively we are task to make extra janitorial plants ) I do it with gladfulness. I told myself that this will non degrade my profession because even Jesus washed the pess of His adherents as an illustration of true humbleness and service.

c. Teaching – In carry oning seminars and preparations with the husbandmans. I think I do exert this gift God has given in relation to the instruction of Christ. Like for case. one the rules that we emphasize with our husbandman patronage is the rule of sharing ( e. g. there must proper sharing of irrigation H2O ) . This rule is in visible radiation with the instruction of our Lord Jesus Christ to portion what we have to those who don’t have. I give direction. regulations and ordinances as a manner of learning in the attainment of target/desired ends of our bureau.

d. Encouragement – This gift is attached to my profession I think particularly to cover with different sorts of people with different ethical behaviour. I need to pattern this gift in order for me to pull or act upon these husbandmans in the public presentation of their responsibilities and duties as spouses of irrigation development. To promote is my “capital” to go effectual IDO.

e. Almsgiving – to execute my responsibilities and duties in the office. I am
willing to give my clip beyond the prescribed office hr ( 8 hours a twenty-four hours ) without anticipating a wages or extra compensation. I ever stay in the office beyond office hours merely to follow with the deadlines studies and other pertinent plants or when my higher-up asked me to make something.

f. Position or Authority – whenever I am tasked to make something. for illustration. delegate me to take or spearhead a peculiar program/project. I ever accept it without vacillation and I have to execute to the best of my ability affecting my squad in all facets of the undertaking because I believed that squad attack is more effectual manner in carry throughing a peculiar activity/project.

g. Acts of Mercy – in working with my officemates and rendering service with my farmer-clientele. I do it by bosom and with joy. I have to bask my work so that I will non acquire burn-out. I still retrieve when I do field work and make place trials with the husbandman leaders. they even open-up their jobs sing their private life and I do some guidance and offer supplications for them and this developed a closer relationship with them.

5. Why is it necessary to contextualized Pauline Ethics in your ain field of expertness? By contextualizing Pauline Ethics in my ain field of expertness I can share/bring the “good news” or the love of God to my patronages. By exerting the seven Christian Gifts and the assorted codifications of Christian behavior. I believe I can assist in the transmutation of their lives merely like what Jesus did for us. And hopefully non merely our direct clients will be influenced but their household circle and the whole community every bit good. A concrete illustration of this is when I conduct developing. leaving to my husbandman clientele the value of self-discipline in visible radiation of distribution irrigation H2O. payment of irrigation fees. etc. but it does non stop up with the irrigation H2O entirely but associating it to the whole facet of their lives. I was amazed that I have seen the impact of this with their lives through rating and some husbandmans will give feed-backs on the positive impact of the preparation in their lives.

6. Defend or Refute: The transmutation of one’s life from frailty to virtue.
and disaffection to rapprochement is the by-product of grace. I strongly agree that the transmutation of one’s life from frailty to virtue and disaffection to rapprochement is the by-product of grace. The transmutation of our character from negative to positive is non by our ain strength. If we want to alter and hold transmutation it’s merely by God’s grace. As Apostle Paul writes in 2 Corinthians 12:9. He said to me. “My grace is sufficient for you. for my power is made perfect in failing. ” He promised grace for Paul’s hurting. It means hence that in our failings. God’s power is sufficient. Grace merely means God’s aid. intercession and strength in our failing. Our frailties or character lacks can be replaced with virtuousnesss or character assets by swearing God’s grace. By take parting in Christ’s work and our confession that He is our Lord and Savior means transmutation of our lives so that we can populate our lives in conformity to God’s will. We are alienated before because of our iniquitous nature which we inherited from Adam and Eve. but because God loves us so much. He gave His 1 and merely Son to decease on the cross for our wickednesss. So with Christ decease on the cross we were being reconciled to God. Ephesians 2:8-9 says. “For it is by grace you have been saved through faith- and this non from yourselves it is the gift of God- non by plants. so that no 1 can tout. ” Our redemption is by God’s grace- gift of God ( undeserved gift ) through religion but we have to inquire ( open our Black Marias and allow Christ reign in our lives ) so that we will have this gift of redemption. We can non gain our ain redemption but it’s merely by God’s grace!

7. Defend or Refute: To populate through committedness and non simply by inspiration agencies to be faithful to God. Yes I agree to this statement. To be faithful to God means a committedness to populate our lives to Him and non simply by inspiration. For Paul when he was converted in Damascus. he started to perpetrate his life to God no affair what the cause possibly. In the practical side of it. to populate our lives through committedness is populating with a intent and way. Once we are committed to make something. we do it systematically. non automatically but with all our head and bosom holding the confidence and certainty that God will be glorified. By making so it follows the joy and love in executing the act non by force or irresistible impulse. On the other manus. we should non populate merely by mere inspiration non merely to bask
life and be contented to what will go on. For illustration. one manner to be faithful to God is to pray every twenty-four hours – giving thanks to Him for all the fortunes He brought in my life and intrusting to Him all my concerns and even my hereafter. I should make this consistently and accept whatever God’s response. Another manner of my being faithful to God is by giving my tithes and offering on a regular basis.

8. Defend or rebut: If one acts on the footing of the duty of love. he is free. No. I disagree because love ne’er ceases. Love must go on to be our actuating factor to move. Love will travel on infinity for God is love. 1 John 4:8. “God is love! God is ageless ; hence love is ageless every bit good. Paul writes. in 1 Corinthians 13:1-3. “If I speak in the linguas of work forces and of angels. but have non love. I am merely a resounding tam-tam or a clanging cymbal… v. 13 “ And now these three remain: religion. hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. We will ne’er be free because we have the debt with our fellowmen and that is the debt to love them irrespective of the race. position. physical properties. etc.


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