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By April 15, 2019 General Studies

Payton Kehoe
Professor Allen
English 102-10
1 September 2018
House on Mango Street
Sandra and her big family were always on the move. It was her mama, papa, Carlos, Kiki, her sister Nenny, and Sandra by the time they got to Mango street. Each time they moved Sandra thought there were more and more people. They seem to be always on the move to new houses. I feel like this was the family that could never find the house that was right for them. There was always something wrong with the house which made them keep moving.
The house on Mango street was actually theirs. They didn’t have to pay rent to anybody and they also didn’t have to share the backyard with anyone downstairs which was a plus to them. Her mom and dad always told her that they would have a real house. One where they would actually call it theirs because it would have everything they never had. When reading this story, I could picture this family in my head. A big Mexican family who doesn’t have a lot of money but wants a dream house eventually. I could feel Sandra’s pain on how tough it has to be to keep moving. I know how she feels. She wants to just settle down in the house her mama and papa always told her it was going to be like. She didn’t understand the whole moving part. I think it was very hard for her in the long run. I feel like Sandra could never get over the houses she use to live in. One day a nun from Sandra’s school walked by down the street and seen her playing in the front yard. Well Sandra didn’t like where she lived, you could tell by the way she was talking to her friend. Her friend kept asking “where do you live?” and she had to point up to the third floor where there were wooden bars making a window so no one would fall out and paint peeling off the side of the house. That nun made her feel like nothing. Sandra already knew she wasn’t living in her favorite house. Then having someone come up to her making me feel down, really didn’t help at all. You could tell throughout the story Sandra and her family didn’t like moving but they had to because there was always something wrong with the house they moved in.


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