Peer Counseling

October 9, 2017 General Studies

Peer Counseling: Another Dimension of Warrior Recovery


What is peer reding? Is it helpful or harmful to take part in equal guidance? How many hours are needed to be a equal counsellor? When was peer reding introduced to the theories. How effectual is peer reding? Do persons authorise themselves with equal reding? Does peer reding offer advice? Is peer reding differentiated from an existent counsellor? In order to see the intricate of a equal counsellor we are traveling to be exposed to the different techniques use with persons. How does peer reding assist the person?


Peer Counseling are persons, who are selected to assist others because of their abilities to interact with persons from a broad scope of background and criterions. Requirements are as follows ; 20 hours of preparation, individual must accept the duty to be professional, protect confidentially, and most of all show the greatest regard to the client. Peer counsellor does non supply advice but assists the person with doing the right treatments. One of the major subscribers in utilizing this method of guidance is the armed forces ; it has established a first line of defence. The construct was introduced in the early 60 ‘s and 70 ‘s. It has helped the armed forces with equal guidance, their clients ‘ household and the community. The end is to forestall possible struggles of involvement, crises intercession, and utilizing basic elements of theories. Peer reding maximizes the function of a “helper” in many instances. One of the major ends of a equal counsellor is to hold empathy.

My Contemplation

Peer guidance is a booming manner for persons to assist one another. Peer reding observe and discuss individualism, productiveness and increase the quality of interaction with others. Persons may steer others to hold a better apprehension of themselves. Experienced, peer reding can assist persons to go self reliant and keep a positive mentality on life. If a equal counsellor is non decently trained, they can supply humanitarian or incorrect information doing the person non to come on in a normal healthy manner. Training for equal guidance, an single gets involve with workshops, supervised practicum experiences, presentations, function playing, and interaction with professionals. In accretion to supplying counsel to the person, preparation should stress the client ‘s right to confidentiality, privateness, interpersonal accomplishments, and empathy. In add-on to this preparation, the person should be good cognizant of the duties of the equal counsellor. However, upon competition of the preparation, equal counsellor become proactive on assisting persons in going good and healthy persons. Peer counsellors should be able to: do appropriate referrals ; assist the single complete all of the needed guidance Sessionss, and behavior group treatments on the subjects of ego helped. The important point in equal counsellors is the cooperation of the full group to assist others every bit good. Peer guidance is a treaty between equals to work together, it is critical to supply immediate feedback and measure the person to see the person ‘s advancement. Peer guidance could be considered to be the norm now-a-days, but the single demand to recognize that this is merely a mini-self aid. If the person is in demand of a counsellor, the single demands to originate the session with an existent counsellor. Peer guidance is merely a short-run end to assist the person while off from any civilisation. Peer guidance helps the single feel secure and geting a set modus operandi of curative aid. Peer guidance by no agencies takes the topographic point of an existent counsellor. It is used as an mercantile establishment for the person to acquire self aid. Peer guidance can assist an single if the person is non able to acquire aid. While processs in choosing a equal counsellors, the person must take for a counsellor who demonstrate empathy, high assurance, and the ability to accept criterions different from their ain prospective. In choosing a professional counsellor, developing plans chief accent is on the intellectual of the person. Therefore the abilities of the person may non link with effectual interpersonal accomplishments. Peer counsellor plans offer developing in specific accomplishments related to echt relationships. Professional equal reding preparation plans are a “melting pot” of scientific discipline, art, and pattern with interpersonal accomplishments. Overall, in order for equal guidance to be considered successful the person must hold an apprehension that it is merely short term until they are able to make an existent counsellor.

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