Pelayo Vs. Lauron 12 Phil 453 Essay

October 18, 2017 Medical


On November 23. 1906 the complainant. Mr. Arturo Pelayo. a doctor. has filed a instance against the suspects. Mr Marelo Lauron and Mrs. Juana Abella. The instance that was filed. was about the services rendered of Mr. Arturo Pelayo for the dark and the twenty-four hours after of October 13. 1906 where the complainant was summoned to the suspects place to help their daughter-in-law’s birth. where the attention doctor. Dr. Escano. has said that it would hold been a hard procedure. Regardless of this. Mr Pelayo has proceeded with the occupation that required him to take the foetus with the forceps.

The occupation occupied him all dark until the twenty-four hours after for the remotion of the afterbirth and the trial of the patient. The complainant has charged the suspects with P500 for the services he had rendered for them but the suspects has refused to pay. The advocate for the suspects alleged. that the suspects daughter-in-law had died from kid birth and that when she was still alive. she has lived independently and individually. from the suspects. with her hubby. Her birth at the house of the suspects was merely inadvertent and was at an evitable clip.

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Are the suspects apt for the payment of the services rendered by the complainant?


No. Harmonizing to the article Arts. 1090 and 1091. The rendition of medical aid in instance of unwellness was comprised among the common duties to which the partners were bound by manner of common support. Spouses are reciprocally bounded together to back up each other. In the issue above. it is the hubbies responsibility to pay for the services rendered to his married woman non the male parent nor the mother-in-law who are merely aliens within the significance of the jurisprudence. So opinion of the tribunal is ; “Therefore. in position of the consideration hereinbefore set Forth. it is our sentiment that the judgement appealed from should be affirmed with the costs against the plaintiff in error. So ordered. ”


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