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Attracting people to apply to work for a business and being able to select the right mix of skills and personalities is crucial to continuation of any business. Once recruited, there is then the issue of helping new employees to find their place and understand what is required of them. This entry stage of HRM is an extremely important one. We have established that businesses cannot run unless there are people there to run them. Attracting the right individuals with the right skills to work for a business is a key element of its success.

In this report I would like to explain the problem of finding the people and helping them fit in housekeeping department. Sofitel London Heathrow hotel has 605 bedrooms, 45 meeting rooms, three wonderful gardens, SPA facilities, big conference and wedding room, two restaurants, two bars, hairdresser salon, gift shop and VIP lounge. It is large hotel with the so many facilities. Hotel housekeeping department has contract with the recruitment agency which send us employees as a business need and we give them Zero hours contract. We provide one week training for them and giving full induction about our hotel.

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At least one time in three months we have two or three new employees in housekeeping department and to work with them are not easy. Problem description and analysis Recruitment agency sending people with the experience but not everyone has right skills and for some of the workers one week training is not enough. After one week training new starters still confuse in some of the working areas. For example: In housekeeping department we employing public area cleaners, they suppose to know all hotel areas including meeting rooms, restaurants, gardens, VIP lounge, sales, accounts and general manager offices, all departments with the one week.

It is very difficult for the new starters in the beginning and for supervisors who has to work with them. Lack of knowledge and understanding is a serious issue. If staff has the lack of information to understand the issues involved in their work, they can’t do their jobs effectively. The likely results are expensive client-related issues and a whole lot more work undoing the damage. The rate of production is low when employees don’t know enough to perform their jobs confidently.

Unskilled employees could spend considerable time seeking help to perform their jobs or they could perform tasks to their understanding, to the detriment of the work process. This could lead to errors and injury. Another problem some of the new starters in the hotel slowly learning new information and some of them do not take responsibility for duties. To resolve problem when employees do not take responsibility for duties and they are not motivate to be the best in the team, it is very difficult, usually some of team members who trying to achieve the best results are disappointed of them colleges and the team work is not going well.

To manage this kind of team is difficult because they divide up into the two groups: “good workers” and “lazy workers”. “Good workers” usually making complains about the “lazy workers” and reverse. Recommendations The main methods of selecting potential employees for a business are: Interviews. The aim of the selection interview is to determine whether the candidate is interested in the job and competent to do it. It is also used to explain the work of both the business and the job and to establish expectations on both sides.

Housekeeping department suppose to provide interview for recruitment agency employees and to decide if they could be employ. The biggest mistake of department they are providing interview and giving tests just for employees per hotel. Tests. There are various types of tests and ways in which they might be used as part of the selection process . Tests can be used to measure aptitude, such as competence in literacy or numeracy, or personality. Tests and their results are likely to form a part rather than the whole of a selection process as they provide quantitative but not qualitative information about an individual.

To resolve the housekeeping department problem I would say, we have to provide at least two weeks full training, to do interview with the new starters from agency and provide test for them. We have to choose carefully people who could be productive in our department. Who could learn quickly, to be strong mind, who expect from themselves to achieve the best results. Information One of the most challenging problems facing human resource managers is the selection of the right person for hire. There is also a need to identify the correct number of people to be recruited.

This in turn depends on the future plans of the organization and the manpower demand and supply conditions. Recruiters must know the knowledge, skills and abilities required of the prospective candidate. These are reflected in the job specification. When the recruitment is based on the job specification, the incumbent is likely to do a good job. The job analysis thoroughly studies the tasks done by current incumbents. This facilitates the development of a job description . The job description tells the new recruit the tasks to be performed. It provides a benchmark for performance evaluation.

This evaluation is linked to the pay and other benefits. Only then is it meaningful. Training is a human resource function that involves developing employees’ skills, knowledge and abilities to meet the organization’s needs. Training creates a competent, motivated and high-performing workforce that is prepared to meet future demands. It also maximizes employee potential, leading to higher productivity. The HR department may encounter problems in implementing training due to inappropriate programs, lack of interest and management support and insufficient budget.

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