Pepe Jeans Case Essay

July 28, 2017 General Studies

The chief advantage of Pepe non transporting stock list is evidently the cost nest eggs. as it is normally non efficient or cost effectual for that affair. to transport extra stock list. The downside is non holding adequate braces of denims on manus to transport to shops when demand is high. An stock list would assist relieve this. The six month lead clip is both an advantage and disadvantage for Pepe. The long lead clip is positive in that one time a retail merchant places an order. they merely have a hebdomad to call off the order. Pepe is able to recognize a net income after merely 10 yearss instead than months subsequently.

The contract locked retail merchants in instantly and maintain them from renegue oning on the trade. The downside is that many shops may be turned off by the long lead. It was mentioned in the article that most makers have lead times of a few months or less. The independent shops besides tended to order less volume due to the inflexible order system. and the problem with manner is that points typically have a short wearable life before they go out of manner. Corporate buyers were worried that the denims they ordered may travel out of manner before they even arrive.

If I were the director of Pepe. I would guarantee my retail spouses that every sensible action was presently being taken to assist cut down the current lead clip. I would advert the options being considered and thank them for their partnership. I would so sit down with the CFO every bit good as the best analysts in the company and run studies to calculate the most efficient method of cut downing lead clip. The instance references two options to cut down lead clip: working with a Hong Kong sourcing agent or edifice a coating operation in the UK.

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Without seeing the company’s financials. it is hard to state which would be a better pick. The article does reference that Pepe has no long term debt and appears to hold plentifulness of hard currency on manus. If that is genuinely the instance. so the better option may be to put in the finishing mill. There would be a big investing up front. but lead clip could be cut in half while cut downing costs by up to ten per centum every bit good. On the other manus. the sourcing agent could perchance cut down lead clip down to every bit small as six hebdomads. The job with this option is that costs to surge by every bit much as 30 per centum.


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