Pepsi And Coca Cola The Case Of China Marketing Essay

October 11, 2017 Marketing

Dissertation Proposal – Consumer Behavior Research: A Comparative Research Analysis of Buyer Behavior of Pepsi and Coca Cola, the Case of China


The country of research caters to client purchasing behaviours of Pepsi merchandises in China this will be in a comparative research attack and peculiar with consumer purchasing penchants for Pepsi merchandises versus the purchasing behaviour for Coca Cola merchandises, Chinese positions. The focal point on consumer behaviour facets and procedures in support with certain constructs and theories that are relevant to the subject and one good footing for literature organisation. The intent of this research is to hold in-depth consciousness and apprehension of consumer behaviour dogmas as one the major determiners of consumer penchant when it comes to merchandise imagination and impact. Therefore, to supply readers with direct every bit good as first manus information of drink picks of Chinese and happen out if Pepsi is dominated by Coca Cola as harmonizing to consumers/buyers perceptual experiences and degree of penchant. Aside, have a expression on Chinese disbursement wonts. Harmonizing to research conducted by HK Trade Development Council ( HKTDC ) ( 2002 ) , noted that Chinese clients show divergent sentiments with regard to buying facets and would prefer purchasing Coca Cola due to gustatory sensation but purchase Pepsi due to boxing publicities and cheaper monetary value. Grey China Base Annual Consumer Study ( Bates, 1998 ) reveals that consumers regard domestic trade names as their first precedence and that big bulk of Chinese is still in favour of domestic trade names in low-cost scope ( Delong et al. , 2004 ) nevertheless, people still tend to purchase Pepsi in the markets upon supplying highs to the development of drink trade names in China. The intent is non merely simply on the literature base but more on existent executing of research is indispensable here of both primary and secondary attack. There can be job with the overall composing of research as there can be issues towards old research surveies refering to consumer behaviour version in China for grounds that there can be Chinese Torahs and ordinances with respects to field research set abouting wherein at that place might halter the research worker program of deriving first manus information towards Chinese consumers/buyers of either Pepsi or Coke merchandises. The overall intent is to derive a deeper apprehension of different international and local factors impacting consumer penchants on Chinese market. Therefore, depending on consumer ‘s age, consumers view trade names otherwise, and have effects on international trade name entirely every bit good as in combination with Chinese advertizement and sponsorship, consumer behaviour penchants factors influence the manner in which Pepsi or Coca Cola is perceived, and accordingly influence Chinese purchasing penchants. In 1994, Pepsi Company started a joint venture with a market capitalisation of $ 2.5 million. Soon, Pepsi became serious rival to Coke which entered China three old ages earlier. Even though Coke had twice every bit many bottlers in China as Pepsi, it unable to beat the new rival in the soft drink market. Yoon ( 2001, pp. 34-36 ) observes, ‘by concentrating ferociously on the young person market, Pepsi has non managed to eat into Coke ‘s market portion but besides became the Chinese adolescents ‘ favourite trade name ‘ .

Research inquiries

What is meant by consumer behaviour? Discuss what advocates say about consumer behaviour clairvoyance. with respects to attitudes and penchants in purchasing such merchandises

What transpires consumer behaviour research? In general and in Chinese positions. What is the impact of consumer behaviour of drink merchandises in the Chinese market industry?

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What are some of position and penchants of consumers ‘ pick of merchandises? Particular on Chinese purchaser behaviour of Pepsi merchandises in comparing to Coca Cola. Research on consumer purchasing behaviour forms in China as such instances covering with Pepsi and Coke

What determines the comparative research analysis? For illustration old research figures of purchasing penchants from most recent survey in per centum ratios, etc. Ensure equal distribution of research attack both qualitative and quantitative )

How and what are some of the ways to maintain path of consumer behaviour and penchants in China aside from instances and studies? Probably by agencies of existent interviews upon purchasing of Pepsi or Coke merchandises in shops and promenades and have it publicize on TV/radio


For the purpose of this research,

– There is a demand to place instances which accounts to consumer purchasing behaviour forms of Chinese in general and in specific countries that pertain to consumer of behaviour of Pepsi in China every bit good as Coca Cola to give imperative room for the comparative analysis.

– The demand to use constructs and theories that accounts to certain utile information of Pepsi backing in China and be able to exert full coverage of research design and attack complete treatments and analysis.

– Another is to place research literature issues and or spreads from secondary based resources such as of reviewed articles and diaries and several relevant books and other publications of non more than 20 old ages in hunt parametric quantities.


a. To compare and contrast instance based research refering to consumer behaviour cognition of Pepsi penchants in Chinese market versus Coca Cola with mention to consumer behaviour theoretical accounts

B. To analyse consumer purchasing behaviour forms and penchants of Pepsi versus Coke in China along with literature surveies

c. To acknowledge utile information of Pepsi backing in China and be able to exert full coverage of research design and attack complete treatments and analysis

d. To measure methods and result effectivity prior to the comparative attack of recognizing research political orientations every bit good as happen out the impact of consumer behaviour of Pepsi in China,

e. to analyze how trade name image influences consumer behaviour, how Chinese consumers perceive such goods and suggest how companies can counter market issues from the trade name position of Pepsi/Coca Cola in China

f. To determine any concerns and booby traps of the overall research version from both in Chinese market and concern industry position


Design: scheme and model

The comparative methodological analysis and attack will be used in this survey, which is both quantitative and qualitative step, look intoing consumer purchasing behaviour of Pepsi every bit good as Coca Cola in China. Comparative instance survey study will modify footing for exploratory research application. There will be comprehensive reappraisal of recent articles/journals of import for consciousness and apprehension of effectual research sphere and preliminary appraisal of instances involved ( Yin, 1994 ) . Comparative instance research does present better per centum of rationalist surveies, the design refer to properties associated with research inquiries, methodological foundations, standards for informations aggregation. There see picks for aggregation methods, qualitative and quantitative enhancing dependability and cogency as noted in informations triangulation, and overall research protocol.


Quantitative method will be applied, and therefore instance study questionnaire with 150 consumers on Chinese market have to be conducted. The respondents have to be divided into different age groups: 18-20, 21-23, 24-26 and 27-30 severally. Research will section consumers in China based on through empirical observation tested life styles: diehards, position quo, modern, passages and coevals afresh. The modern and coevals X sections view Pepsi/Coke ads positively, spend freely and prefer new life style in passage.

Data Collection: Instruments and processs

Data will be collected and analyzed through utilizing qualitative techniques such as indicating towards papers analysis, interviews and questionnaire study. The primary informations is to be collected from the respondents in instance state of affairss, secondary information is to consist of mention refering research topic, utilizing of current information on chapters/sections in the survey will be in realisation. For Instruments and processs it is of import to hold complete consciousness and apprehension of the research approach/design the survey implies as informations analysis have relevancy to research inquiries involved and therefore, each of the inquiries will be analyzed through content analysis refering to instance analyze analysis and comparative appraisal of consumer behaviour towards Pepsi versus Coca Cola in China. There present certification of the types of informations analysis which have been used in assorted types of empirical research conducted by the research worker over clip and overall research will be documented. Conducting primary research without sing certain dependability and cogency is pointless, because the research worker will non be able to generalise from the consequences as utile in theory edifice and theory confirmation.

Datas analysis

Data analysis concerned with description of research procedure, preliminary techniques and manner of informations analysis, instance research provide model helpful to research workers who intend to make comprehensive consumer behaviour research. The appraisal of instances found research performs on footing of information, the appraisal of what will be done by the research worker. The pattern of qualitative every bit good as quantitative research had increased and criticized for go againsting quantitative and qualitative paradigmatic premises, methodological quality of comparative research to be to the full addressed. Study attempts in tabular arraies, diagrams and so on will be required for alteration intents and research standards harmonizing to stature.

Dissertation construction

Chapter 1 Introduction

1.1 Background of the Study

1.2 Undertaking Aims

1.3 Methodology

1.4 Organization of the Report

Chapter 2 Industry and Company Review

2.1 Introduction

2.2 Concepts/theories of Consumer Behavior

2.2.1 Pepsi

2.2.2 Coca Cola

2.2 Drumhead

Chapter 3 Review of Literature

3.1 Introduction

3.2 Consumer Behavior

3.2.1 Why is consumer behaviour of import?

3.2.2 Definition of Consumer Behavior

3.2.3 Consumer Behavior Process

3.4.4 Influences on Consumer Behavior

3.5 Cleavage

3.6 Drumhead

Chapter 4 Discussion

4.1 Introduction

4.2 Findingss

4.2.1 Company

4.2.2 Industry

4.2.3 Comparative Analysis Information

4.3 Drumhead

Chapter 5 Decision

5.1 Major Recommendation

5.2 Restrictions of the Study

5.3 Future Research Direction


Actual Dates

Undertaking 1: Prepare Surveys, questionnaire

Undertaking 2: Set-up assignments with respondents and verification

Undertaking 3: Contact respondents and research participants for salient information

Undertaking 4: Behavior the methodological analysis: study interviews, questionnaire

Undertaking 5: Analyze informations gathered and responses made

Undertaking 6: Research Data Analysis

Undertaking 7: Follow-up in instance informations assemblage is deficient

Undertaking 8: Dissertation Write-up

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