Pepsi SWOT Analysis Essay

August 26, 2017 Marketing

Each company demand to make a SWOT analysis of their merchandise to cognize where they stand. what their defects are and how to over come their drawbacks. In other word the Swot analysis makes marketing more efficient. The Swot analysis of Pepsi ( 600ml ) is as follows: Strengths-

The major strength of Pepsi is that it is one of the biggest trade names in the universe. Pepsi is sold in over 150 states. it is an International drink. And because it is good known in so many states. the trade name automatically has earned its name in the market and has become a really believable drink. Pepsi besides has first-class stigmatization and advertisement schemes. A batch of Pepsi’s advertisement runs are enjoyed by the people and it influences their determinations. Pepsi’s advertizements make usage of different sorts of entreaties. A batch of their ad’s have a originative and sensational entreaty. But at the same clip the ad’s besides have a wit entreaty to it. Recently in the twelvemonth 2011 in tie with the universe cup Pepsi produced many ad’s with Celebrity entreaty. Celebrated cricketers like Dhoni and Raina and Shewag were made to publicize for Pepsi and at the same clip for the football universe cup Pepsi used celebrated football players like Didier Drogba and Lionell Messi as their trade name embassadors.

Since Pepsi in close competition with Coca-Cola. Pepsi has no other pick but to come out with sensational advertisement that seem’s to lodge with people for months after the run. For old ages Pepsi has been doing usage of celebrated people as their trade name embassadors. Peoples like Michael Jackson. Cindy Crawford. Ray Charles. the male child set Hanson. Britney Spears. Shaquille O’Neal. Beyonce Knowles. Ranbir Kapoor. Priyanka Chopra. Mahendra Singh Dhoni etc are good known trade name embassadors of Pepsi. This automatically becomes a strength for Pepsi because a batch of these people are the graven images and function theoretical accounts of 1000s of people in the universe.

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When the audience see that their favourite famous person is the star of a Pepsi commercial it becomes a major influence on their pick of drinks. and most of the people will stop up taking Pepsi. More specifically non many people would hold been cognizant of Dhoni’s oh so celebrated Helicopter Shot up until the Pepsi ( 600ml ) advertizements came out. Since the advertizement is so tricky it stays in the heads of the people even when they are out and they end up purchasing the drink. Another one of Pepsi’s Strengths is it’s high trade name trueness. Pepsi is such a believable drink that it’s consumers stick with Pepsi no affair what.


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