January 8, 2017 General Studies

The Pequot tribe of Native Americans lived on the lands of Connecticut thousands of years before we did. We take this information for granted but after taking a step back in time at the Pequot Museum I realize the full travesty the British committed on the Native Americans 250 years ago. It is intriguing to look at their art, way of life, and social and political organization compared to those of the British.

The Pequot’s art always tells a story. For example the story of the sea monster and thunderbird, thunderbird was a supernatural being that helped sea monster, they proclaimed that thunder would only occur when some one died in the village. Instead of writing this down the Pequots created a large sculpture of the character “Thunderbird”. Most of their art was useful as well, like the Kiowa cradleboard, they used it to hold the babies but it was also a sacred piece of art. Many pieces of art at the museum were characters from myths and handcrafted by Native American artists who had a real feel for the story. Unlike the British oil paintings, the Pequot’s art had meaning and use in the real world.

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The way of life of the Pequot tribe was much more ingenious than I thought possible. They used tools such as stone tipped spears and quartz choppers; their food was made from hickory nuts, berries, roots, herbs, mushrooms and eggs. This varies from what the British were using; rifles and hammers while they only ate cooked food. I also learned Native Americans used natural rock caves for shelter and their material resources were; wood, bark, branches, plants, furs, bones, and turtle shells. The Pequots used these resources to create wig wams or small houses made out of saplings. Surrounding their houses were small farms, the women were the farmers because the men needed to hunt. Their farms were small but very necessary, one way that made farming in the soil easier was called the 3 sisters.


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