Perception of the African American Males Essay

August 30, 2017 Music

African Americans males are considered unsafe based on a false individuality. misconceptions. and misinformation that are available in the media ; this includes but is non limited to knap music. intelligence. and Television shows. This misconception can be traced as far back as bondage. The perceptual experience of blacks’ males as being unsafe began when the slave came to America on 1619. Due to the state of affairs of being treated as belongings. to be freely bought and sold. and that the proprietor was free to divide up a twosome or household at any clip merely by selling some of his/her slaves. African slaves started to act in a hostile mode.

Because of their behaviour the Caucasians instantly started to sort the slaves as being unsafe. and they need to be tame as if they were wild animate beings. This lead the slave Masterss to get down seting concatenation and walking about with their rifles when they would be in the Fieldss with them. As it was stated in ‘The Brut Caricature” . it portrays black work forces as innately barbarian. animalistic. destructive. and condemnable ; meriting penalty. and possibly decease. Due to the negative influence and portraitures of African Americans males. these persons are frequently misguided. The nature V.

raising theory comes into drama. I. e. Low income black males are predisposed to innate qualities. while behavioural traits are learned i. e. through the media. “Get Rich or Die Trying” is the outlook of most African American males with the aid of the media. Most males see themselves as blame stars. athleticss stars. and or comics. There is limited exposure of African American as physicians or attorneies at an early age its learned that their opportunity of success in life is limited. The work forces in the low income communities have the inclinations of desiring to go like the “white man” .

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The chief job is that they portray the thought of “get rich quick” . These perceptual experiences cause them to turn into drugs. and from at that place into force and offenses. Harmonizing to a 2006 National Urban League study a 3rd of black males will pass clip in prison before their thirty-fifth birthday. This fact could be because of the high school dropouts and the hapless apprehension they get from society. Yes. I said the hapless apprehension from society. because black work forces are one of the least understood groups in our state.

Peoples don’t expression at the conditions that cause a batch of black work forces to be in the state of affairss they’re in today. they merely look at the consequences. ” Harmonizing to my findings. among work forces. inkinesss ( 28. 5 % ) are about six times more likely than Whites ( 4. 4 % ) to be admitted to prison during their life. I besides noted that there are more black males in prison in America than are in college. ( The Black and White of Justice. Freedom Magazine ) . Volume 28. Another effect for African Americans it’s that the “monster” image given by the Caucasic people are carry by the hapless African American people.

Harmonizing to Stallworth ( early 1990’s ) immature black males continue to follow forms of bondage times. Many fulfill white America’s image of them lawfully by going successful mobster rappers. others fulfill these image illicitly by going “bad niggers” Rappers. hence reinforce the popular belief that as “bad buttocks niggers” immature black can accomplish celebrity. acknowledgment. and sense of being ( person ) . If they lose. nevertheless. they can confront a long stay in our gaols and prisons or even bodily hurt and decease. Which it’s go oning now yearss. Media and the African American Males.

Harmonizing to the book ‘Black Demons’ there is a “black pathology” a cardinal failing in African American households that can be traced to their experiences as slaves. The intelligence media. for illustration. have taken the lead in comparing immature African American males with aggressiveness. anarchy. and force. Likewise. the amusement media have thirstily taken their cue from the journalists. and these false images non merely affect race relationship but besides create a ego droping prognostication for African American childs. whose bounds of accomplishment can be determined for them by suggestions in the media.

A common stereotype about African American work forces is that they are engage in drug abuse a disproportional manner which it’s non true because harmonizing to statistics from the US section of Health and Human services that although eight per centum of African American males cocaine. 11 per centum of Whites have use the same drug. This is. nevertheless. non the feeling that we get from watching the eventide local intelligence or even an episode of telecasting plan COPS. Blacks Stereotyped of Being Intellectually Inferior and Criminals. Another common negative stereotype. establishes the African American male as intellectually inferior.

Surveies directed by psychologist Claude Stale. indicate that African American adolescents are cognizant that they are stigmatized as being intellectually inferior and the spell to school bearing what psychologist Claude has called a “burden of suspicion” Such load can impact their attitudes and accomplishments. These shadows hang over stigmatized people no affair their position or achievements. These stigmas have the possible to turn over them of their individually and enfeeble their efforts to interrupt out of the stereotyped functions.

Blacks are the depository for the American fright of offense. Ask anyone. of any race. to visualize a condemnable and the image will hold a black face. The linked between inkiness and criminalism it’s routinized by footings such a “black-on-black crimes” or “black crimes” . I besides have to advert the ‘black beast stereotype arise in the early 1870’s. Such stereotype is one of the images white Americans have in their caputs about black work forces: as barbarian. violent surprisingly strong and non caring approximately right and incorrect.

Even today harmonizing to my findings. inkinesss are three times more likely to be physically threatened. harmed or killed because if their race than Whites. So this thought of Whites as peaceable and inkinesss ad endangering to white is non rooted in fact. It is rooted in something else. Yes. there are black work forces who are violent and barbarian. who do indefinable things. But there are white work forces like that excessively. In either instance they are barely common plenty to reasonably find one’s thoughts about the ordinary people of their race. Rap Music and its influence in African American males

Rap music celebrates coarseness. Indeed. it markets vulgarity ; that is its merchandise. It is the vulgar surpluss of rap-the profanity. the over-sized jewellery. the bare acquisitiveness. the sexual aggressiveness-that are its trademarks. New media attending on blame music seems obsessed on cases of force at blame concerts. knap producers’ illegal usage of musical samples. mobster raps’ lurid fiends of bull violent death. and female taking apart. and Black Nationalist rappers suggestions that white peoples are devils adherents.

It seems that rappers to detect the influence they have in people largely African American people. and by state this type of things they send an wrong message to their fiends and other people in general. In most of the vocals you can happen a high degree of aggravated linguistic communication. images. and high offenses scenarios. . Harmonizing to the writers of these vocals. they merely make it for the amusement of their fans without thought of the image they are given of their people and themselves.

One inquiry and many replies from our society I took the responsibility to happen out the perceptual experience that common US citizens have towards African American males. by subjecting a inquiry on ( answersyahoo. com ) people from all around our state answered to my inquiry. The following are the replies to my study. • People toxicant stereotypes the black males with the “5 Ds”—“Dumb. deprived. unsafe. pervert. and disturbed” . • Lazy & A ; uneducated • Drug traders • Poor • Hate other races • They are soiled • Loud. objectionable. rude My Opinion.

For these grounds and many other African American males are consider unsafe for our society. But stop and believe for a minute. are they all truly unsafe or this is merely a large misinterpretation? Can we judge them all as a whole. or there are some of them that can be excluded of being stereotyped as “dangerous” . “criminal” . etc? In my sentiment we can non judged them all as a whole and we should besides seek to understand the grounds behind their actions. We have to larn how to be unfastened minded and see things from different positions.

We besides have to recognize that non everything that we see and listen in the media is ever the truth. there is ever a 2nd portion of a narrative and most of the clip we fail to look for that 2nd portion. African American behaviour has been shaped by us ( society ) because of our mistreatment towards them and our racism… I believe if we change the manner we look at them and show about them. they will alter their behaviour and we no longer will hold to utilize the statement of “dangerous” when mentioning to a African American male. Decision.

To reason to this issue in inquiry I merely have to state ‘Black or white. God gave us the chance to win. and irrespective of the state of affairs we are dealt. we can all populate the life we imagined. After s yearss of research I can’t say there is a incorrect or right theory about African American males because everyone has their ain manner of thought and their ain sentiment. But merely to add ‘the universe would be shocked to cognize that the bulk of black work forces make the right picks and construct successful households and callings every twenty-four hours in America. yet are seldom discussed in the headlines’ . Bibliogaphy.


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