Perfect Paradise

August 16, 2017 General Studies

Eng. 111 January 28, 2011 Perfect Paradise Sure we all have either in reality or in our imagination, that perfect place where we can spend a lot of time and which we don’t want to leave or change for anything. I have been in some nice places but no place in earth yet has surpassed the beauty of the place of my dreams. This is a place where we can relax and get disconnected from reality and spend a time of peace. Also where we can put our thoughts in order or even bring some memories to mind. Or even bring that special person with you.

My perfect paradise is a desert Island where I can enjoy of peace and time to admire the beauty of nature. When I get to this Island, I can observe the golden-white sand that makes this place to shine. Also, this large palm trees with their big branches that almost reach the ground and this beautiful colorful background with all kind of vegetation and colorful flowers along with some beautiful birds flying from one side to another showing off their attractive plumage and filling the place with their chirp.

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Some birds are loud and others just sweet to the ear. Some of them can fly so high that I can barely see them; they just disappear in the amazingly azure sky above me, the sky without a single cloud and with a radiant sun that warms and illuminates the beauty of this place. I can smell the intense scent of the sea that runs through my nose and get all the way to my heart making me feel relax and peaceful. As I walk through this Island, I can feel the warm sand in my toes; it feels like ants climbing my legs.

Looking at all this sand makes me want to sit and play with it like I used to do when I was a little kid, doing the castles and the funny shapes. I can hear the wind whispering in my ear like trying to say something. If I look back, I see the blue sea with its waves crashing and splashing like they are having a water fight. Out in the distance I can hear sounds of other animals that I can’t distinguish but that as I walk more and more I feel that they are moving along with me making me company.

Some creatures sound so deep in the Island that I wonder what they would be. All the sounds combined together become such a beautiful melody that makes me forget about everything. First the sound of the sea, the clapping of the waves, the songs of the birds, all of this makes part of this beautiful place. The day is almost over, and everything stars to change into another world. The sun loses its power hiding in the perfect horizon, the sand start to cool off, the wind starts to calm down, and the water goes back to its normal stage.

There are no more birds in the sky and no more animals shouting. The sunset shines with stunning colors that I don’t usually see and that makes me wonder of God’s power to create all these things. The cool breeze heralds the beginning of a beautiful night. Everything is gets quiet and every creature is going home for the night. One more radiant day gets to its end in this place. The special thing about this is that I know tomorrow will be a new day and everything will start over again and this place will continued to be my perfect paradise.


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