Performance management or performance evaluation Essay

July 29, 2017 Management

The basic purpose of public presentation direction is to make an environment for the employees where they can work at their best. It begins when a peculiar occupation is defined whereas it ends when the employee quits from the organisation and public presentation direction fundamentally serves as a replacing of the traditional assessment system. There are certain advantages of public presentation direction and the most of import one is the end of developing clear occupation descriptions for the employees that can be easy comprehended by them.

The 2nd advantage is that it helps the employer to engage the best campaigners for the occupation that suits them and at the same clip. public presentation direction helps them to negociate with the employees on assorted issues. When the employee is eventually hired. he can be provided with necessary preparation followed by the feedback of the manager that enable organisation to develop Sessionss in which issues sing public presentation development can be discussed and harmonizing to the consequences of the public presentation of the employees. the wage bundle can be designed.

Furthermore. public presentation direction besides provides assorted calling chances for the employees and can besides supply aid when carry oning issue interviews to cognize why the employees choose to go forth the organisation. The construct of one-year public presentation is a bit different from that of public presentation direction. When pull offing other people. the director has to carry on public presentation assessments in order to cognize how the employees are executing and this can assist actuate the employees to work good in future.

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Annual public presentation is fundamentally done to measure the public presentation of the employee and to cognize how good they have worked throughout the twelvemonth and the parts that they have made for the advancement of the organisation. It non merely helps in the development of the staff but it besides improves the communicating between the staff and the directors. nevertheless one-year public presentation has some disadvantages every bit good.

When carry oning public presentation assessments. employees might inquire for feedbacks from their friends in the organisation who are more likely to give positive feedbacks and may avoid any negative remarks of the employee. Furthermore. when carry oning assessments the companies frequently send ratings to the raters without stating them how to accurately make the assessment and without progress notice. ( Leat. 2001 ) . Reference Leat. M. ( 2001 ) . Researching Employee Relations. Butterworth-Heinemann.


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