Personal Declaration of Independence Essay

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How to write a personal declaration of independence

Declaration of Independence I, Nadia Williams, on this 9th day of October 2012, declare my Independence from homework for all concerned persons to read. It is necessary for a person to want to get rid of a force controlling them. Also, it is commonly known that with growing up, homework should be expected in order to receive a full education. This meaning, every child for twelve years is supposed to make school a priority, and then get an occupation once they are an adult.

While I accept this, every student should have the right to pursue other aptitudes which they will use late in life as a career. That being said, homework has caused a great problem in my day to day life. My wanting to rid my life of homework truly is justified. For example, I try immensely hard to maintain focus and good grades in school during the day; therefore I don’t think it’s necessary to have to practice lessons again at home.

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Those who feel the need to practice more at home can do so without getting a grade for it because it will pay off when we take tests on the lessons. The original Declaration of Independence states I have a right to “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” as an American citizen. Therefore, I should also have the right to use my time after school to pursue the activities that make me happy, as well as other obligations I have. I acknowledge the fact that some may find my request childish, but the large amount of homework I receive could cause problems in my life.

For example, not allowing me to focus on rehearsing music, which I plan on taking on as a career. Also after school I am obligated to babysit my younger sisters which I can’t very well do because I need to juggle it with schoolwork and music. Having a large work load can add to your stress level which can cause acne, stress eating, and stress not-eating, grinding teeth in my sleep, sleep deprivation, depression, panic attacks, and general weirdness.


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