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I worked in a bank in Nigeria for six old ages, I was working as a seller with my Higher National Diploma certification in Computer Science, although the occupation has little to make with what I studied in school but I feel the occupation was good to my personal development. I was more confident and willing to seek new things and I had ability to accommodate to new state of affairss and environments but I found it really hard to get by with banking working environment due to my occupation maps. I was working as a seller with my Higher National Diploma certification and I was executing the same occupation map with my co-workers with degree certifications but I was the least paid. Though, we work as a squad, it built up my assurance and I feel it was an highly rewarding experience in so many ways but it was non a right way to take to better my calling, household state of affairs, spiritualty, emotional wellness and other facet of my life.

Now, one understand the stating that says ‘who fail to be after, program to neglect ‘


Current Occupation

Since April 2009 I have been enrolled as a pupil of School of Technology and Management in London.

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Current Analyzing

I am presently analyzing Bachelor of Science ( hons ) computer science.


WHAT DO I Necessitate TO Work ON?


I am good in PHP

Very good in database ( Oracle )

good quality Report authorship

Strong interpersonal accomplishment

Positive thought

Good communicating with others

Good in wed site designing

Good in clip direction

Good squad participant

Flexible to manage alteration


Hates dish the dirting

Very good in manner

Strong in football


I play music

Hates Philandering

Willing to larn new things


Inefficient Self betterment accomplishment

Insufficient client service accomplishment

Lack of good listen and communicating accomplishment

Lack leading accomplishment

Lack ability to manage multiple undertaking and deadlines

Always afraid to talk in forepart of public


I lose temper easy

I do n’t easy fall in love

I am ever busy and restless




To develop myself in programming Knowledge such as Java and C++ and besides in networking by registering a class.

To go to more preparation and workshop on Oracle database.

Read more books on communicating accomplishment

Better my ability to get by with failure and larn more from my errors

Full committedness to my surveies

Joining a public address class and read books on presentation accomplishment

Avoid cunctation


To chew over at all clip in order to command my pique.

I need to work on hold more forbearance in life and larn how to hold a interruption, due to the fact that I ever want to make everything at a clip.

Create more clip for football preparation.

I need to make more clip to loosen up

To be more prayerful and travel closer to God


Lack of Time.

Lack of money

Insufficient analyzing stuffs

Immigration policy



Time factor

Insufficient fund

Lack of preparation kit

Age barrier


In regard of my calling, I decided to better myself in database direction in order work in a telecommunication company in Nigeria as database decision maker and the best manner to accomplish this end within a short period of clip is to prosecute my grade in Calculating fundamentally from United Kingdom. Though it could be expensive and clip devouring but it is good worth the attempt, specifically mentioning more career chances.

What do I like making?

I like composing computing machine programming linguistic communication like PL/SQL and Java

What is my motivation for larning?

Geting more accomplishments and certifications can hold a positive consequence on my calling as this thought of personal development is seen as important construct by the employers and most employers in Nigeria placed importance on uninterrupted acquisition, increased self-awareness and emotional intelligence.

Due to the fact that employees are frequently expected to demo personal dedication to their uninterrupted professional development, I plan to seeking out information, preparation and events that will maintain my accomplishment and knowledge up-to-date.

What qualifications and/or experience do I already hold?


University of East London ( Bsc ) Computing ( In position )

School of Technology and Management, London ( Advance Diploma ) ( 2009-2010 )

Akwa-ibom State Polytechnic, Nigeria ( HND ) Business Administration ( 2007-2008 )

Osun State College of Technology, Nigeria ( OND ) Computer Science ( 2000-2002 )


October 2003-March 2009 UNITED BANK FOR AFRICA PLC,

Service Trainee/ Commercial Banking Group

Customer effectual relationship direction.

Quality hazard plus creative activity.

Liability coevals.

Oversing and direction of other squad members.

Timely rendering of studies. in market analyses groups with a position to better market portion.

Enhanced the bottom-line by judiciously set abouting assigned undertakings that were critical to the concern


UBA PLC Banking School-2003.

Selling and Selling, Leadership Consulting

UBA PLC Banking School-2006

Basic banking operations, Centennial Capital Ltd

UBA PLC Banking School-2006

Personal Effectiveness, and attitude reorientation, JMJ Consulting

UBA PLC Banking School-2006.

What method of survey would accommodate me best?

I understood the fact that to develop efficient personal accomplishment and cognition requires clip and self committedness, due to this ground I decided to perpetrate myself to a full clip degree plan in Computer Science in a well cognize college in School of Technology and direction, London.

How much clip do I have to finish my acquisition?


What is my agenda to work on these focal point countries?

When do i necessitate to accomplish the coveted province?

Focus country 1: Learning Java

Hours per hebdomad: 15hours

Day-time 1: Mon, Wed, Fri, 5-10pm

Focus country 2: Read books on communicating accomplishment

Hours per hebdomad: 8hours

Day-time 1: Tue, Thur, 6-10pm

Focus country 3: Attend preparation and workshop on Database direction

Once in a month: 7hours

Day-time 1: Sat 9-4pm

Focus country 4: Read books on PHP

Hours per hebdomad: 8hours

Day-time 1: Tue, Tur, 9-1pm

Focus country 5: public address and presentation class

Once in a month: 7hours

Day-time 1: Sat, 9-4pm

Focus country 1: Learning Java

Start day of the month: 6/10/2010

Short term end: 01/03/2011

Long term end: 01/03/2012

Focus country 2: Read books on communicating accomplishment

Start day of the month: 5/10/2010

Short term end: 05/03/2011

Long term end: 01/06/2012

Focus country 3: Attend preparation and workshop on Database direction

Start day of the month: 15/11/2010

Short term end: 05/12/2011

Long term end: 01/12/2012

Focus country 4: Read books on PHP

Start day of the month: 8/10/2010

Short term end: 08/03/2011

Long term end: 01/12/2011

Focus country 5: public address and presentation class

Start day of the month: 9/10/2010

Short term end: 09/03/2011

Long term end: 01/06/2011

What consequence will analyzing hold on my place life?

During my first twelvemonth in STM, I learned about how to be a good squad participant and It helps me to detect my strength and failing sing how to pull off my place when I have my ain household. Though at present, long distance has truly affected my relationship.

Are there any at hand alterations to my life style?

Yes, analyzing brings me close to educated people, makes me to understand different civilization and add more value to my life.

What is my ultimate end?

My ultimate end is to go the president of my state ( Republic of Nigeria )

How will I mensurate my success?

I measure my success with satisfaction. How satisfied I am with my accomplishment.


My state is a state that values certification and experience and most particularly certifications from the foreign states like UK. That is why I believe that it is more good to better more in what I can make best and acquire off with my past failure and bad luck and see what is possible in the hereafter. My will be reexamining my personal development program in every six month to guarantee that am still in line with my program.


I'm Amanda

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