Personal ethics

April 7, 2018 Nursing

According to, Guide ethics involves the principles or assumptions reinforcement the approach individuals or groups ought to conduct themselves; ethics is concerned with motives and attitudes and the relationship of these attitudes to the individual (2010). My belief is ethical person as one with sound character traits and habits of thoughtful reflection who seeks justice and fundamental fairness in the community. Those who demonstrate strong leadership in their roles and give everyone in the community, especially those without power, a chance to succeed exemplify ethical behavior.

These ethical values person develops from surrounding environment, people, and from life experience. Personal Ethical Values chose two ethical values from relationship and reputation lenses. Those values serve as the foundation for my life and these values includes; honesty, and respect for others and self. The honesty value developed from my parents during the childhood age. Remember my father was used to ask us how I am doing in school, and he always wanted to listen the truth from my face, even the school grads are not great, because he wanted me to be honest in all the circumstances.

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This ethical value helps to make good decision in different circumstances. Respect others ethical value developed during school age from my teacher. My teacher was always used to give example how can develop good relationship and good reputation by respecting others. These ethical values provide guidelines, framework, and tools to identifying, pursuing and achieving goals (Judson & Harrison, 2010). In addition these values help me to maintain interpersonal relationship with my patients and co-workers, decision making, problem solving, and in conflicts resolution in personal and professional life.

For example, patient has a right to get quality care and my responsibility is to provide care honestly that I promised before take that patient to the operating room. As an operating room nurse always try’ to maintain safe surgery environment to prevent infection when patient is under surgery. These efforts include make sure; patient understand the risks of the surgery, provide sterile instruments or implants, make sure no one in operating room is breaking the sterile field. This ethical value gives me self- satisfaction, self respect because my efforts were able to make change in meson’s life.

My second ethical value is respect others, during my nursing practice always try to provide the nursing care with dignity and respect for all type of patients; includes handicap, bed ridden, and older, young, conscious, and unconscious patients. This ethical value helps me to maintain good relationship, team player with my patient or patient family, and my co- workers that give me self satisfaction. Ethical Aspirations The ethical value I Wants to develop in future is patient advocacy, because I live in multicultural society, where is a need to understand different cultures ND values, so I can provide cultural competent care to my patients.


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