Personal Ethics Statement Essay

August 22, 2017 General Studies

After taking the Ethical Lens Inventory. I have discovered that my personal lens is the Results Lens. Upon farther reading I discovered how that translated into my values. strengths. failings. and my blind topographic point every bit good as how to see more clearly. The cardinal phrase for those with the Results Lens is “I brand picks that are good for everyone. ” The values and strengths associated with the Results lens are the nucleus values. the classical values. and the definition of ethical behaviour. the tools for analysing jobs. and the gift.

Core values are autonomy over equality. and protecting single rights. and prioritising value of esthesia over reason. It is better to analyze each state of affairs in its ain context instead than a one-size-fits-all solution. The classical value is prudence by showing wisdom. foresight. optimism. imaginativeness. and the gift of entrepreneurship. Making the greatest good is my lens type’s definition of ethical behaviour. by seeking win-win consequences.

Experience provides the tool for analysing jobs. by sing multiple positions and concentrating on what is truly go oning to see solutions that make many people happy. Free will is the gift associated with the Results Lens. Because of the value of liberty. we are autonomous and accountable. We want this freedom for each individual to seek their ideal ends in life. The Results Lens besides has its failings such as a unsighted topographic point. expediency. hazard. greed. and besides failure.

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The blind topographic point for this lens type is going satisfied with excessively small good. We fail to be accountable to those that are depending on us when we exercise our free will. Equally long as our demands are met we can go complacent. Our enticement is expedience by non paying attending we can be tempted to establish our actions on what is politic or advantageous instead than what is right. Reducing determinations to a cost-benefit analysis is this lenses biggest hazard.

We need to guarantee that all have free will or we run the hazard of cut downing determinations to contract and strictly fiscal cost-benefit analysis. The frailty for the Results Lens is going greedy. If we fail to exert free will responsibly our chase of good for all can devolve into an alibi for taking every bit much for ourselves as we can acquire off with. Failure is this lenses major crisis. If we fail to develop the pattern of heedfulness and contemplation we will confront failure. No 1 can carry through or get everything. and the more you do the less fulfilling it can go.

Our acquisitiveness could be driving people off from us. In decision. in order for people who fall under the Results Lens to see clearly. we must utilize our caput. cheque to see if our intestine and caput agree. To happen a proper balance we need to research the gifts of the other lenses such as consistence and concern for the whole community. As we learn to see other positions in our decision-making procedure. we will populate out the best of our ideals with compassion and attention for others.


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