Personal Mission Statement Essay

October 10, 2017 Marketing

Section I: My Function in my Education I late finished a diploma plan at Remington College for Medical Billing and Coding in October 2010. I successfully completed 9 months of being on the Dean’s list and had perfect attending throughout the plan. I besides received the Distinguished Graduate Award for most outstanding pupil of the Medical Billing and Coding plan. I late decided to go on my instruction to obtain my Associate’s Degree in Health Information Technology. I will be finished with my Associate’s plan in June 2012. In five old ages. I plan on working as a director for a well-established organisation. My ultimate end is to go on my instruction until I obtain my Master’s Degree so that I can go on traveling up the ladder until I am at the top where there is nil else left to accomplish.

There are many obstructions in life that could acquire in the manner of carry throughing my ends but I will merely portion three of the obstructions with you. The first and most of import I think would hold to be the deficiency of support. Even though I have moved back in with my parents while I am in school. I get no positive support from them. I truly surprised them at graduation back in October for my sheepskin plan when I was announced as the Distinguished Graduate. I am taking this no support from household as positive motive to turn out them all incorrect when I obtain my educational end which is completing my Associate’s Degree.

Another obstruction that could acquire in my manner of accomplishing my end would be my mentality or attitude. In the past when I younger and traveling to college I use to non hold the right attitude for school. I was into merely holding merriment and worrying about my classs. Now that I am older and cognize what I want. I think I have the right attitude to carry through my educational end. One of the grounds for my right attitude now is holding a boy that I didn’t have back in my younger and immature yearss.

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Finally. the last obstruction that I could hold to confront would be the deficiency of motive and thrust. This 1 goes manus and manus with the first two obstructions. In the first two obstructions. acquiring no positive support from my household and holding a boy now is giving me the motive and thrust I need to carry through my educational ends. With this said. I think I have the motive and thrust that I need to win and get the better of any obstructions that get in my manner.

Section II: Problem Solving for Success

Measure 1: Research and Define the Problem Using Present State and Desire State

In my present province I am presently unemployed and having military support for college through the Montgomery GI Bill. The money that I am having through the Montgomery GI Bill is what I am populating off of right now. My coveted province would be to be working at a occupation in my field of survey to where I can be working my manner up to direction. I would besides wish to set more money in nest eggs so that I can hold a ample sum of nest eggs in instance any exigencies came approximately.

Measure 2: Determine the Causes of the job

* What- The job is that I receive no support from my household in carry throughing my educational ends. * Why- This is a job because when I was younger I ne’er finished what I started except for High School. * Who- My household is the job because even though I didn’t finish college when I was younger. they should still back up me in completing it now. * Where- The job is happening at place because that is where I see my household the most. * When- The job occurs every twenty-four hours. This erstwhile causes me to non to desire to be at place. I have to allow the negativeness go in one ear and out the other. and concentrate on carry throughing my ultimate end. * How- The job occurred because of my past non-accomplishments when I was immature and immature.

Measure 3: Generate Solutions by Brainstorming

There are several solutions that could be possible in work outing the job.

1. I could market myself in different metropoliss in order to hold more employers see my sketch. 2. Once I get a occupation. I can travel out and off from the negativeness. 3. I can acquire a parttime occupation besides to assist out with disbursals one time I move back out on my ain.

At this clip I have been merely marketing myself with a 50 stat mi radius from where I live. I am traveling to get down occupation seeking in a 100 stat mi radius and possible farther out. Right now I will take a occupation anyplace. no affair where it is at.

Based on all of the cognition that I have learned in this category. I will be able to analyse the state of affairs and utilize my critical thought techniques to come up with the best possible solutions to my job. Once I look at the job from every angle possible. I can so use the solutions based on my analysis of my present province and present issue.


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