Personal Philosophy of Education

By May 16, 2018 Philosophy

I believe the purpose of education is to prepare our future generation to be able to act as law abiding citizens and to move forward with in life while reaching goals as they progress to their grade level. It is my responsibility as an educator to teach my students concepts of what is on the curriculum, as well as the hidden curriculum. In my classroom, I will also work with parents and my co-workers, prepare lessons, grade papers, identify student’s strengths and weaknesses, along with my own, manage the classroom, provide support, ideas, encouragement and wisdom.

As do I, students also have a role in my classroom. This includes arriving to class on time with a positive attitude with all of their required materials, complete assignments, ask questions, respect classroom rules and most importantly, set goals that challenge themselves. I will be prepared for a wide diversity of children in my classroom. I am aware that it is possible for my students to have a wide range of ethnic backgrounds, languages, religions, sexual orientations, learning styles or require a learning, mental or physical disability.

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First, I will teach my students that everyone is to be treated equally, despite our differences. I will try to make an understanding for any difference a student may have by getting to know them and their background. I will do this by working one on one with a student and incorporating a student’s beliefs and cultures into my classroom. I want my students to achieve many things in my classroom. My main goal is for my students to demonstrate an understanding of the curriculum I teach and use it outside of the classroom.

I also hope that my students will set their own goals, assess their learning progress, explore their creativity, communicate effectively with others, show respect towards myself, other classmates and adults. Psychologist and neuroscientist, Howard Gardner anticipated that each person is intelligent in seven different ways, leading him to propose seven multiple intelligences, including linguistic, logical-mathematical, musical, bodily-kinesthetic, spatial, interpersonal and intrapersonal. These seven theories are different ways how people process information.

As Gardner, I also believe that people learn in all different ways and each person has their own learning style. I plan to incorporate each intelligence in my classroom and find out which works best for each student. These beliefs will impact my classroom management because I will have to make up lesson plans to follow the different intelligence. My instructional strategies will vary from each intelligence. Using these intelligences will help children better grasp the concepts that I will be teaching. For linguistic intelligence, I will have children read and write stories.

For logical-mathematical intelligence, I will have children create graphs, maps, timelines, and puzzles. For musical intelligence, I will have children create songs to explain concept. For bodily kinesthetic intelligence, I will make up scavenger hunts and have children make up dances. For spatial intelligence, I will have children demonstrate understanding through drawing, painting, and sculpting. For interpersonal intelligence, I will have children work in groups while teaching each other methods for problem solving.

For intrapersonal intelligence, I will have children reflect on what they have learned and experienced in a journal and allow them to work at their own pace. I will assess each student individually I will have respectable relationships with parents, teaching colleagues, and administration. To do so, I will volunteer to work outside of the classroom in the community if needed, provide and seek advice from my teaching colleagues and administration, and communicate with parents regularly to make sure they are informed on their child’s progress in my class.


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