Personal Statement

May 21, 2018 Sports

This nondiscrimination policy covers student admission, access, and treatment in University programs and activities. It also covers faculty (Senates non-Senate) and staff in their employment. For information on there groups, including student applicants and current students, go to the “Resolving Discrimination Issues” section of the Campus Climate and Compliance Office website at AC. Berkeley. Du/resolving. SHTML.

Think carefully about how you will respond to each question. Each year more students apply to Berkeley than weak admit. Our selection process involves comparing your application to those of other highly qualified students who share similar experiences-?serving as student body officers or leaders of organizations, chairing committees, playing sports, traveling, and accruing sign efficient work or volunteer experience.

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In composing your personal statement you should: ; distinguish yourself by writing obituary own experience in a way that sets you apart from other applicants; ; tell us bayou have contended with a serious illness or disability, if you are the first in your family to attend a college or university, or if you have other special circumstances which may have affected your academic achievement; ; tell us how achieved academic success in spite of obstacles faced, if any. If you have had no barriers to success in your life, describe how you have taken advantage of the opportunities available to you.

Proof, edit, and share your personal statement. ; Ask a trusted friend, teacher, counselor or parent performances. Ask this person:”What works? What doesn’t? What sounds like me? Whatnot’s? If you didn’t know me, would this personal statement tell you enough about me? Is it clear and understandable? ” ; Get hellfire someone whoosh not previously read your personal statement and who pays attention to detail. Remember, a carelessly written essay makes a poor first impression. Some “dos”: ; Compose yourselves statement in retrogressing program.

Don’t type directly into the application. This Way, you will have the opportunity to print copies for review. ; Encourage finished weatherpersons, save them in plain text (ASCII) and paste them into the space provided in the application. Proofread once more to make sure no odd characters or line breaks have appeared. (If you submit a paper application, attach a copy of your personal statement. In the upper right corner of each page, write your name, date of birthrate the words “Personal Statement. “) Think about your accomplishments and what you have gained from them.

You may: ; write about the way in which activity or experience changed n attitude, crystallized a conviction, or helped you to establish a goal; ; focus on yourselves a student, harmonistically in an outreach program or internship, or the hours you must work in order to help your family; ; tell us bayou were prevented from enrolling in college preparatory classes because you were required to complete vocational education, academy courses, or pre-scheduled classes that are not on the approved US course list.

Some “don’t”: ; Admonitory be hilariously funny or wildly creative -? it’s difficult to do and may not achieve the effect you are seeking. ; Avoid clicks. ; Don’t experiment with varied fonts and formats keep your personal statement easy to read. ; Domination’s Allison accomplishments for an essay. A list repeats information found elsewhere in the application, adds little to our understanding of you as an individual, and is not helpful in supporting your application.


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