Personal Statement to further study

December 3, 2017 Project Management

High demand of experts in Islamic banking and Finance industry motivates me to apply to the International Islamic University Malaysia’s Islamic Banking and Finance Program. Being a Malaysian, I acknowledge Malaysia is the pioneer in Islamic banking that now is flourishing, and we have advantages, we have the expertise and we also have a wide range of products. And with this purpose, I was excited to learn about your University, well-known about its high expertise in the subject of Islamic Banking ND Finance; and the unique course, implementing a diverse range of subject that contribute to an extensive list of skills.

Therefore, I would very much like to be considered as a strong candidate for your postgraduate program. Since matriculation days, I have always been regarded as an academically brilliant. I obtained a GAP of 3. 88 on the scale of 4. However, what disappointed me most was my lack of extra-curricular activities. Then, during my undergraduate program, I obtained a good academic performance with GAP of 2. 55 on the scale of 4 but with throng participation in extracurricular activities held by University Gains Malaysia (SUM) (List of activities recognized by SUM were attached along with the resume).

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During my undergraduate studies I played an active role in the university’s life by organizing quality miscellaneous events, parties, seminars and exhibition in as well as outside the institution. Kimball Challenge, Man Campus Program and Pre- Marriage Courses – to name Just a few big events which included works of budgeting, project management skills, public speaking and team building. In 2011, because of he sense of responsibility and commitment given, I personally was elected to be the President of Residential College Council SUM (Residential College Council mediates between college’s occupants and college administrators).

There, I enhanced my leadership qualities and gained valuable experience in legality, administration and budgeting of activities and exhibitions. As an event manager, I am not only coordinated groups of students, working on different projects simultaneously, but also participated in their careful recruitment. I believe that if I am given the chance o continue my studies at Ill-KM, I will fully utilize same effort and commitment towards my postgraduate study to be an ideal student for your program, as well as achieving my career goal.

I have been planning a career in Islamic Banking and Finance for several years, but as an Mathematics undergraduate I primarily concentrate on getting a solid background in Mathematics and Management. The three years of Mathematics program also equipped me with the problem solving and analytical skills required excelling in the demanding profession of Mathematician. My mathematical skills come from courses such as Calculus, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, Probability, Operations Research and Statistics.

The computer skills include Spreadsheets software like MS Excel; Analytical Software like MUTUAL, Mathematical and Programming languages include C++. During 3 years of intensive studies with fondness for Mathematics and Management, I am not only obtained knowledge in mathematics but also in management skill. I learned about Organizational Behavior and also Introduction to Management. I also took courses of Accounting and Finance which is suitable refresher for a rigorous and challenging postgraduate level studies in Islamic Banking & Finance field.

I am drawn to JIM for several reasons (1) I am a Malaysian, and the opportunity to pursue my graduate education in Malaysia is preferred, (2) My true desire is to start a career as an expert in Islamic Banking company in Malaysia, and the personal connections available to me as an JIM graduate will be invaluable, (3) My weakness is one of your greatest strength, Mathematics and Accounting and, (4) I believe the economy of Malaysia is headed for the stratosphere, and I want to be there for it.

I am eager for the Ill-KM Institute of Islamic Banking and Finance to round out my career education so that I can begin to start pursuing my career goals. I hope to be the kind of graduate who will be a credit to Ill-KM throughout her career. Taking into consideration my potentials and enthusiasm I believe I will make a full use of the opportunities afforded to me at your university. Thank you for your attention, and I look forward to meet you personally.


I'm Amanda

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