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By August 12, 2017 English Language

There follow four existent personal statements from PGCE ( teacher preparation applications ) . These are existent illustrations, but of class personal inside informations have been altered. They will give you thoughts of how to compose your ain, and might be utile illustrations for any occupation or graduate student survey application where a personal statement is required.A You will besides happen interview studies for instructor preparation interviews at

How to compose an outstanding personal statement

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Psychology pupil ‘s application for primary PGCE

Mature psychological science pupil ‘s application for primary PGCE

Application for PGCE Secondary English

Application for PGCE Secondary English and Drama

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How to compose an outstanding personal statement

The personal statement of your learning application is by far the most of import portion of it. You have 47 lines to reply the undermentioned inquiry:

“ Describe briefly your grounds for desiring to learn, giving the relevancy of your old instruction and experience, including instruction, visits to schools and other work with immature people. ”


Read and follow the guidelines carefully and supply the needed information.

Word-process your bill of exchange, so enchantment and grammar check it before gluing it into the signifier.

Use good English. If your statement is fresh, lively, and different, you ‘ll be seting yourself in front of the crowd.

Be clear and concise. Do n’t woffle! Show the ability to set the salient points across in a few words. Avoid slang

Be positive and enthusiastic: pickers will read many statements and you want yours to stand out.

Give your statement a construction with an debut, a chief organic structure and a decision. The gap paragraph is of import as it is here that you grab the reader ‘s attending or lose it. This paragraph becomes the model for the remainder of the statement. The in-between subdivision might detail your involvement and experience in instruction, every bit good as your cognition of the field.

Read your statement really carefully. Get your concluding bill of exchange checked by friends, faculty members or the responsibility callings advisor.


Sell the accomplishments you gained from holiday occupations.

Many pupils feel that their insouciant store or eating house occupation is of no involvement to pickers but this is far from the truth. Explain the accomplishments you gained functioning clients, working in a busy squad, being tactful when managing ailments etc.

Here is an illustration of how one alumnus did this: “ All of my work experiences have involved working within a team-based civilization. This involved planning, administration, co-ordination and committedness e.g. , in retail, this ensured day-to-day gross revenues marks were met, a just distribution of undertakings and effectual communicating amongst all staff members. ”

Your grounds for desiring to learn

Convey your enthusiasm and motive for the occupation.

Do n’t seek to compose what you think they want to hear, compose your existent grounds.

Was there a peculiar instructor who inspired you?

What involvements you about learning?

Have you talked to rehearsing instructors?

What skills do you have that will do you an effectual instructor?

You MUST give illustrations of where you have demonstrated these.

What are your strengths? How are you better than other appliers? Do you besides know your failings? .

Other work experience can demo general instruction accomplishments. Show how the accomplishments you gained will assist you go an effectual instructor. What accomplishments have you learned from your holiday work:

What personal accomplishments can you offer? Describe anything that shows:

When you had to utilize your enterprise.

Determination/resilience. Have you had to get the better of any obstructions or adversities in your life?

Creativity and imaginativeness

Time direction and organizing accomplishments

Listening accomplishments


Energy and enthusiasm

Flexibility and versatility

Duty and dependableness

Ability to work with small supervising.

Desire to go on larning

Why this PGCE subject/age group?

What entreaties to you about the class? Research the university/college and the PGCE.

Be up-to-date on educational issues, particularly the National Curriculum. and how relevant to the national course of study. Find out the cardinal phase 3 and 4 course of study for your capable via National Curriculum Online

Be clear about why you have chosen your PGCE topic.

“ There was tonss of emphasis on the specific qualities/skills of instructors: it helps to be up-to-date on educational issues, particularly the National Curriculum. However most of the inquiries were reasonably easy and a affair of common-sense. ”

Applicant for secondary PGCEs

What is the relevancy of your grade? Are at that place peculiar faculties or undertakings you have done that relate to the course of study?

How did you develop your topic cognition?

How will the accomplishments and cognition gained from your grade aid you in the schoolroom?

When did you foremost go interested in this field and what have you learned about it?

How have you learned best: through categories, seminars, work or conversations with academic staff?

Give grounds of involvement in the age scope for which you have applied. What cardinal phase are you most interested in and why?

For Primary you need to demo cognition of maths, scientific discipline and English. What is the relevancy of your grade topic to primary instruction?

Sell your learning experience

Many classs do n’t interview campaigners who do n’t hold recent experience of working with kids of the relevant age in a province school ( although you might acquire off without this in a deficit topic ) . For primary, you ‘ll necessitate at least a month ‘s experience. It shows grounds of committedness to instruction.

If you ‘ve arranged instruction experience, but have n’t yet done it, reference this in your statement, stating what you will be making.

“ Make certain you have some work experience: they seem to put huge importance on this. ”

“ Flaunt any talents/skills you have in your GTTR Personal Statement as this is read and used as a footing for the character analysis. ”

Applicants for primary PGCEs

Reflect on detecting the instructors.

Keep a log book of your experience. What did you make? What did you learn from it? What insights did you derive?

What was the schoolroom layout? What would be your ideal schoolroom apparatus?

If a lesson did non work, believe about how you would make it otherwise.

What instruction manners were used?

Was at that place effectual usage of engineering ( white boards, Television, computing machines ) ?

How did the instructor ‘s personality affect their instruction manner?

How was bad behavior managed?

How did they assist less able kids?

How did the instructor buttocks work and give feedback?

how did they work with Teaching Assistants? What was their function in the schoolroom?

What reading strategies were used? ( Primary )

What makes a good lesson?

How would you do your capable interesting?

What are the of import issues confronting schools at the minute?

What betterments could be made to schools?

What differences are at that place between university and school instruction?

What involvements have you got that could be applied to extra-curricular

“ He referred to things I had written in my Personal Statement, so the more diverse and varied you can do it, the better: if you have a endowment ( i.e. play a musical instrument ) or are involved in Guiding/Scouting in a leading function. ”

Greenwich PGCE interview

“ Computer science is quickly going a cardinal topic. Students on the class are expected to make a degree of cognition in IT to go through the class. If you can offer it as your specializer capable do! If non brush up your accomplishments. ”

Applicant for primary PGCEs

activities or assist the school in other ways?

Although your schoolroom experience will likely be the most of import portion of your statement, grounds of ability to associate to immature people in other ways will add strong back uping evodence. What else have you done to demo you bask working with immature people or kids? Sports coaching, Sunday school instruction or assisting in young person nine will all show a existent involvement in immature people and assisting them larn

Language accomplishments including minority linguistic communications such as Chinese

Sport: to assist training school squads,

Play: seting on the school drama,

Music: school orchestra, choir or assemblies

Calculating accomplishments

Art: designing sets for dramas

Sentences such as “ In my trim clip I enjoy music, reading and socializing with friends ” do non add to your application!

You can besides explicate here anything non mentioned elsewhere on the application,

You besides have 20 lines in which to name where you have worked ( paid and unpaid ) , day of the months, occupation rubrics, employers and duties. Use the personal statement to amplfy how this work experience is relevant to learning.


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