Personality Theory on Oprah Winfrey Essay Sample

July 23, 2017 Psychology

Any individual experiences growing of different facets of personality during assorted points of clip. In fact. it is the twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours good and bad experiences that shape the personality of an person. There are different theories of growing of personality of an person. In this assignment. I will take up the instance of well-known figure Oprah Winfrey. Based on different theories of personality. I will analyze the factors which contributed to the growing of personality of Oprah Winfrey.

Experts have worked on the scientific discipline of personality development. They have presented the assorted theories of growing of a personality. The term personality is the merchandise of erudite behaviour. ( Bergland ) This means that many traits are congenital and many others are learned. Certain traits are learned through interaction with persons in the society. A really of import factor in determining personality of an person is societal interaction. After all. adult male is a societal animate being. Important theories of personality are trait theory ( Allport ) . psychoanalytic theory ( Freud ) . humanistic theory ( Maslow ) and societal acquisition theory ( Bandura ) . Trait theory refers to features of a personality. Other theories explain the implicit in rule of behavioural form found in an person. Psychoanalytical theory analyses contradiction between selfish inherent aptitude of an person and his imbibed human values and ideals. Humanistic theory gives importance to healthy construct of ego in a personality ( Lehey ) . Social larning theory believes that development of personality of an person is the consequence of societal interaction.

As it is known to many of us. Oprah Winfrey is an person who is a really successful black American. She has produced legion talk shows organized for American audience. Even though she had a tough clip with her female parent until the age of 14. when she was sent to populate with her male parent. Oprah Winfreys life changed. Her male parent was a really rigorous adult male and wanted his girl to be educated. Oprah. herself. said? my male parent saved my life. Even though she was a sophomore in college. Oprah Winfrey began her Television calling at the age of 19 and she was the first black American to be a intelligence ground tackle at WTVF-TV. Later. her? Oprah Winfrey show? became really popular among the viewing audiences. She struggled against the job of being fleshy and she assisted people to contend against this job. She besides helped kids by talking against development of kids.

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She gave scholarships to a big figure of kids throughout the state. Oprah has been a great beginning of inspiration to big figure of people in America. She established a foundation to help adult females. kids and households in the United States and other states of the universe. She encouraged people to lend to contend against immoralities in the society by giving importance to charity. ( Thomson Gayle ) In this subdivision. I will take up two theories of personality development and attempt to use them in the instance of Oprah Winfrey. In this instance. I will take up trait theory and societal acquisition theory. Important traits of personality of Oprah Winfrey are positive qualities like being brave. careful. dependable and friendly. She has exhibited highest morality and leading qualities. It is showed above how Winfrey initiated a motion to supply security to kids. Winfrey is a individual who fought against jobs like being overweight.

However. this did non curtail her imaginativeness and activities. Fortunately. she could interact with other persons in society. It is the societal interaction. which has given flawlessness to positive qualities of Oprah Winfrey. She is the kernel of bravery and finding. These qualities of course inspired many persons who encountered Oprah Winfrey. Thus. straight and indirectly Winfrey has inspired 1000s of people to originate charity in their places and in their states. It is the ground why it is the societal acquisition theory that is more appropriate in the instance of Oprah Winfrey.

Oprah Winfrey is amongst those exceeding personalities who have shown greatest regard for her community every bit good as her ain society. The environment she created around herself gives her complacency and at the same clip. her positive qualities attract the society towards her. Her societal nature is what people love the best in her as it shows her low sort homo within. Therefore. doubtless. I can state that Albert Bandura? s societal larning theory suits the best for Oprah Winfrey.


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