Personality, Values, Perception and Decision Making

November 8, 2017 Education

Running head: UNIT 3 SEMINAR ASSIGNMENT 1 Unit 3 Seminar Geraldine Spinner Kaplan University BU302-03 August 22, 2011 UNIT 3 SEMINAR ASSIGNMENT 2 The Seminar for week 3 is focused on personality, values, perception and decision making. The main topic we 1) Define personality 2) Identify framework to describe personality 3) Define values 4) Understand the managerial implications.

A personality to me is the distinctive character of a person, and that’s what makes that person socially attractive, also the behavioral and characteristics of which and individual is recognized as being unique. When it comes to Identifying the framework to describe the personality, there are two dominant frameworks that can be used which are Myers-Briggs and the Big Five Model. Value is a conviction on how to conduct yourself and how to live your life properly.

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Your value is very important when it comes to your personal life and to an employer; it provides an understanding of your attitude, motivation, and also your behavior (Robbins & Judge). Applying this information to your job is important because the relationship among personality type needs to match the organization. Which means the closer the occupational fields the more compatible and the further apart the fields the more dissimilar.

When it comes to the organizational fit, the employee personality must fit with the organizational culture, this will make them attractive to the organization that matches their values, and therefore they are most likely to be selected for the job in questioned (Robbins & Judge). UNIT 3 ASSIGNMENT 3 Our personality shapes our behavior, therefore if we want to understand the behavior of someone; it helps to know something about their personality.

Your personality is very important when it comes to fitting into an organization. Personality and values are related and yet they not the same. Values are very specific, when it comes to describing the belief system rather than the behavioral tendencies (Robbins & Judge). UNIT 3 SEMINAR ASSIGNMENT 4 Reference Robbins, S. P. & Judge, T. A. (2007). Organizational Behavior (12th Ed) Upper Saddle River, NJ. Pearson Education, Inc.


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