Persuasion in Advertising

This is the basic rule when it comes to persuasion in advertising. No matter how enticing the woman in a poster for a liquor brand might be, it’s not going to work if your target audience is composed of straight women. They just won’t go for that. The same logic applies to when you’re catering for the rich and the poor. You have to study your target group in order to come up with the most suitable ad campaign. Keep Yourself Updated. Watching the news can prove to be a very effective mode of persuasion in advertising.

By keeping yourself tuned into what is happening globally and locally, you are able to put your brand or your client into context with your target market. For example, if you’re assigned to come up with an ad for vitamins and the rainy season has arrived, you can use the weather to convince your market that they need vitamins. Persuasion in advertising can be as direct or indirect as you want it to be. Some brands have even been known to make use of certain celebrities to actually tell people to support a retain brand.

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Whichever road you choose to take, it is very important to take note of your target market (because they’re the ones you’re supposed to convince) and take advantage of current events to help you do it. Discover how to hypnotically persuade anyone to eagerly do anything you want, using breakthrough persuasion and conversational hypnosis techniques.



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