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Perusahaan Otomobil Kedua Sdn Bhd (PERODUA), established in 1993. Currently, Perodua has launched numerous products that can satisfy everyone from different social classes. In Malaysia, Perodua is second automobile manufacturer which after Proton. It is a joint venture company between Malaysian and Japanese and launched their first compact car, Perodua Kancil (Rusa) in August 1994. After achieved the amazing sales record, Perodua were more confident to roll out the cars. At the end of 2009, Perodua has sold more than 1.5 million units of numerous models cars, for examples, Perodua Kembara made its appearance in 1998, representing the nation’s first locally assembled four-wheel drive vehicle. Then, it launched Kenari in June 2000 and also Perodua Kelisa in August 2001. Thus, driving Perodua Kelisa is quite fun because it has a really good pickup compare to other car.
In 2005, Perodua launch the new Myvi city car, a model that received the Autocar Asean’s Car of the Year Award in 2006. After that, the most successful model of the time, the Kancil, got discontinued in 2007, but the company launched the ViVA model the same year, which later received the Car of the Year Autocar Asean Award in the supermini class. In 2008, Perodua launched the Nautica 4WD, a short wheelbase version of the Daihatsu Terios. It was fully imported from Japan, but the grille and bumpers were made and fitted in Malaysia. The same year in December, the company started to fit their cars with rear seatbelts, a feature never seen on its budget models so far. The following years saw the introduction of the new Alza compact MPV as well as numerous facelifts and special edition existing models as an effort to gain a global influence. Lastly, Perodua launched Axia in September 2014 with affordable price and get positive feedback from customer.
According to Perodua Company, there are many branches in Kuching such as at Satok Parade, Jalan Matang and others. The location of Perodua Company can be easily found in Kuching. On the other hand, the Perodua Company also has branches at the overseas country such as in United Kingdom. The Channel organization that is used by the Perodua Company are conventional channels, vertical marketing channels and horizontal marketing channels. Although, there is also have four Perodua car dealers in Kota Kinabalu which are DMM Sales Sdn. Bhd. , Imbas Haruman Sdn. Bhd. , Perodua Sales Sdn. Bhd. and Posh Auto Sdn. Bhd.
However, Perodua consists of customer service which is known as smart assist. In the even of a breakdown, members can call the toll free number at 1-800-88-5555. The call centre will dispatch a rescue team to the location of the vehicle. This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Besides, all the customer service agents practice a friendly, thoughtful, humble and committed routine to give their customers very best service. Then, 1-hour Superservis also provided and this service is a speedy service package that comes with a money-back guarantee once the customer’s car is not serviced in one hour.
Furthermore, customer can be divided into 5 types of markets to get a better idea on them which are customer market, business market, reseller market, government market and international market. Their target market involves dividing a market into segments and then concentrating on marketing products on one or a few key segments. The target market of Perodua Myvi is segmented by demographic consumer such as the businessman who likes to work and it would be convenient to them. Therefore, the comfort of the passenger is the main target. Also, the vehicle price of Perodua Myvi is affordable and reasonable for the customers which fulfill their demands too.
Next, with the current economical state, having a well-defined target market is most important ever (By Mandy Porta, 2010). Target market is a specific group of potential people who are willing to involve process of breaking down a large market into smaller or sub segments which are then focus on target potential markets. It will be easier and enables the marketers to be more effective setting 4Ps which are the main components of marketing mix. In addition, target market can be divided into few segments which are demographic, geographic, psychographic and behaviours.
The first target market strategy used is differentiated marketing. Differentiated market is the organization selects several market segments and designs different marketing mixes for each segment. The Perodua Company has used different strategy to attract different customers. Therefore, the Perodua Company offered the other vehicles for its different target segments to meet the customer demands. Some of the customers are looking for more convenient cars such as Perodua Viva while customers with big family would like to choose Perodua Alza.
Another target market strategy used is undifferentiated marketing. The marketing mix, which are the 4Ps are the organization at the whole market. Besides, the organizations also used to avoid other segments from existing, the organization chooses to mass market (, 2007). For example, 30 September of 2009, Citibank credit card deals have organized Perodua Myvi 10X rewards points Easy Pay Campaign. This is use to the customer can make a down payment by using the Citibank credit card and enjoy 0% interest on the customer down payment and 10X rewards point (Citibank Perodua Myvi 10X Rewards Points Easy Pay Campaign, 2009).
While for the last target market strategy used is concentrated marketing. There are one or two segments will be selected by the company and a marketing mix for these few segments will be proposed. Therefore, the aim of Perodua Company use concentrated marketing strategy is not to maximize sales; it is efficiency, attracting a large portion of once section while controlling costs.
Additionally, Perodua has implanted different price to various models of cars. For instances, Perodua ViVa 660cc only costs about twenty five thousands, moreover, Perodua Myvi costs about forty thousands and Perodua Alza costs about fifty five thousands. Perodua also provide several types of payment method to benefit everyone. For examples, Perodua accepts credit card payment for the deposit, cheque and bank transfer also acceptable to replace cash as a safe method. Perodua also provide car loan with 3.5% to 4% interest from 5 to 9 years, you only need to pay hundreds ringgits as the instalment.
There are some pricing strategies that use in Perodua Myvi product. For example, optional product-pricing, psychological pricing and geographical pricing. The optional product-pricing is the pricing the accessory sold with the main product. For instance, car sells with the air-conditioning. While for the psychological pricing is the price set reflects the psychology of pricing and not just the costs. Lastly the Perodua company also use the geographical pricing strategies in the Perodua Myvi product. The geographical pricing is pricing products to customers in different parts of the country such as FOB (free on board) and Zone pricing.
Moreover, Perodua Sales and Services Centres provide well trained sales staffs and promoters to sell their vehicles and provide information to the individuals. To achieve their sales target, Perodua also is having sales promotion, such as discount up to RM 2000, free gift as sterling lock and touch and go card. The promotion goal of Perodua Company in the Perodua Myvi product is inform. Perodua Myvi is still the good selling product in the market. It is convenient and suitable for businessman but also good for small family. When Perodua merges specific plans used to manage the integrated marketing communications for Perodua Myvi, that combinations form the promotion mix for Perodua Myvi. Advertisement, personal selling and sales promotion some of the elements of promotion mix.
By the way, Perodua often advertises their products in different types of media such as television, internet, newspapers, prints and billboard. Perodua advertises a lot in TV commercial especially during public holiday such as National Day, Chinese New Year, Deepavali, and Hari Raya Puasa. Moreover, Perodua also cooperates with bank as the finance and insurance partners to promote their products.
Recently, Perodua is aiming for sales of 209,000 vehicles for 2018, 2% higher than 204,900 vehicles sales registered in 2017, which mainly driven by continued strong demand for its current model line-up. In statement today, Perodua sales in 2017 came from the momentum carried by its Bezza in the earlier part of 2017, and the continued demand for its other models have helped make the company the top-selling carmaker in Malaysia for the 12th year running. In 2017 sales of 204,900 vehicles was above Perodua’s earlier target of 202,000. However, the 2017 performance was slightly lower than the 207,100 recorded in 2016, amidst challenging market conditions, intense competition and strict hire purchase guidelines. All of Perodua’s after-sales businesses have shown positive growth on 2017 as the demand for reliable and quality service increased due to better awareness amongst customers.
Personal selling is defined as oral communication with potential buyers of a product with the intention of making a sale. The advantage of this that it can influence the customer more compare to advertisement while the disadvantage is that it depends on the attitude and the skilfulness of the salesperson to convince the customer. Perodua Myvi is sold through direct selling which is face-to-face by using a sales person. The sales person who does not directly work for the company mostly can lower the price of Perodua Myvi to attract customers. This is because they can deduct the price using their commission. While buying from salesperson at the showroom is more convenient as everything is handled by them and also the quality of the service is much better.
Last but not least, the company also issues an annual publication which is the annual report which also includes the financial statements in the company. The shareholders were given by the company. All the Perodua Company shareholders receive the annual report of the company in order to keep the shareholders informed about the financial status of the company (Corporate Information, 2010).


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