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Despite political and economic ups and downs and uncertainnesss IRAN remains one of the Middle East top states when it comes to the growing potency. With largest immature population IRAN is considered one of the best export markets in the part.


Unique factor is that it is spiritual and Islamic.

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The political system of Islamic democracy is based on 1979 fundamental law. Accordingly it is responsibility of Muslim authorities to supply all citizens with equal and appropriate chances.

The white revolution which is a measure taken with a position to beef uping the foundation of the despotic government and to keep the economic links.

The revenue enhancement environment for foreign concerns is extremely hazardous.

The corporate revenue enhancement rate has been lowered to a level 25 % from the old upper limit of about 60.

The financial twelvemonth starts on March 21 and terminals on March 20 of other twelvemonth.


1 Income revenue enhancement

2 Islamic revenue enhancements

3 Real estate revenue enhancements

4 Capital addition revenue enhancement

5 Indirect revenue enhancements

Economic Factor:

Inflation rate for IRAN is 13.50 % for twelvemonth 2010 while in 2009 it was 25.60 % .

It is transition economic system with big public sector and estimated 50 % of economic system centrally planned. A alone characteristic is the big size of spiritual foundations whose combined budget makes up more than 30 % of cardinal authorities.

Unemployment rate is 11.80 % . Harmonizing to functionary estimations some 3.5 million working age Iranians are presently unemployed. The idle rate is high among adult females and young person of Islamic democracy.

GDP- existent growing rate is 1.50 % . GDP per capita is $ 4732.

It is 18th largest economic system buying power para.

Iran ‘s non-oil exports, excepting gas condensates to the Gulf Cooperation Council [ GCC ] were valued at $ 2.281 billion during the first 9 months of the current Iranian calendar twelvemonth ( March-December, 2010 ) , demoing 25 per centum over the same period last twelvemonth.

The economic growing chance for IRAN in 2011 is 3.2 % . Prospects for both developing and high income economic systems of Middle East and North Africa should better through 2011.

Oil monetary values are expected to stay loosely stable over the prognosis period, at around $ 75 a barrel.A Strong planetary activity is leting rough oil to return positive growing. Oil monetary values are expected to stay stable over forecast period at $ 75 per barrel.

GDP growing for developing oil exporters should make 3.1 and 3.7 per centum, severally, in 2010 and 2011.

Basic statistics and population

Physical countries:

Area of the state – 164 800 000 hour angle

Arable country – 51 000 000 hour angle

Annual harvests – 12 106 644 hour angle

Permanent harvests – 1 686 619 hour angle


Entire population – 60 050 000 dwellers

Population denseness – 36.4 inhab./kmA?

Rural population – 38.3 %

Water supply coverage:

Urban population 95 %

Rural population 86 %

Exports in IRANA

Below are the top 10 U.S. exports to Iran during the first 5 months of 2010.

Soies aˆ¦ $ 50.3 million, up 3.2 % from 2009 ( 54.7 % of sum )

Chemical wood mush aˆ¦ $ 11.4 million, up 87.7 % ( 12.4 % )

Other acrylic polymers aˆ¦ $ 4.5 million, down 21.1 % ( 4.9 % )

Other blood fractions aˆ¦ $ 3.6 million, down 38.4 % ( 3.9 % )

Bovine seeds aˆ¦ $ 3.4 million, up 90.9 % ( 3.7 % )

Multiple vitamins aˆ¦ $ 2 million, down 33.3 % ( 2.2 % )

Patient supervising systems aˆ¦ $ 1.5 million, up 93.5 % ( 1.7 % )

Other vitamins including natural dressed ores aˆ¦ $ 1.49 million, up from nothings in 2009 ( 1.6 % )

Insulin and its salts aˆ¦ $ 1.4 million, up from nothing ( 1.5 % )

Heparin and its salts aˆ¦ $ 1.1 million, down 81.3 % ( 1.2 % ) .

Largely agricultural and medical points, the top U.S. exports above represent 87.9 % of all American cargos to Iran.

Imports in IRAN

U.S. imports from Iran amounted to $ 29.6 million during the first 5 months of 2010, up 3.2 % from 2009.

Hand-hooked carpetsA of wool or all right carnal hair aˆ¦ U.S. $ 16.9 million, up 8.2 % ( 61.7 % of sum )

Berry juice aˆ¦ $ 4 million, up 10,757 % ( 13.5 % )

Shelled Pistacia veras aˆ¦ $ 1.3 million, up 148.8 % ( 4.4 % )

Ancient antiques aˆ¦ 1.2 million, down 72.9 % ( 4.1 % )

Untufted or unflocked semisynthetic fibre rugs aˆ¦ $ 805,000 up 520.8 % ( 2.7 % )

Hand-knotted fabric rugs aˆ¦ $ 612,000 down 67.4 % ( 2.1 % )

Hand-woven wool rugs aˆ¦ $ 402,000 down 11.2 % ( 1.4 % )

Fresh or dried figs aˆ¦ $ 300,000 up 418 % ( 1 % )

Hand-inserted pile rugs of wool or all right carnal hair aˆ¦ $ 274,000 up 1,543 % ( 0.9 % )

Saffron aˆ¦ $ 270,000 up 69.4 % ( 0.9 % ) .

The above merchandises represent 92.7 % of all Persian imports into the United States so far in 2010.

Persian rugs remain among the most popular imported points from Iran.


Government and people are non working together. Opportunities are much that Taliban is able to beef up the base.

A The atomic research lab that is functional here is besides a cause of large tenseness.

Obama disposal is doing the other states of the universe to besides convey their attending towards Iran and come out with the ways in which it could be subjected to reconstructing its position towards Iran.A

In Iran, the household is the footing of the societal structure.A

The construct of household is more private than in many other civilizations. Female relations must be protected from outside influences and are taken attention of at all times. It is inappropriate to inquire inquiries about an Persian ‘s married woman or other female relatives.A

Loyalty to the household comes before other societal relationship, even concern.

Persians see themselves as holding two distinguishable individualities: “ zaher ” ( public ) and “ batin ” ( private ) .

A When they are in public, they must conform to recognized manners of behavior. It is merely within their places among their interior circle that they feel free to be themselves. Family members are ever portion of the inner circle.A

The interior circle forms the footing of a individual ‘s societal and concern web. Friendship is really of import and extends into concern. The people from the interior circle can be relied upon to: offer advice, aid happen a occupation, or cut through bureaucratism.

Health AND Social welfare

Health conditions have been improved after World War 2. Many of the disease such as little syphilis, cholera have been wiped out.

Public infirmaries are at that place which provides intervention to the hapless.

All wellness services are supervised by ministry of wellness, Treatment and medical instruction.

Technological FACTORS

Nanotechnology in Fieldss assisting to do best quality merchandises at lower cost.

IT companies join forcesing to entree the market.

Inventions and invention rate.

Mechanization tendency in the state.

Iran ‘s seemingly cloak-and-dagger attempts to construct a atomic arms plan are a major foreign policy challenge for the Obama disposal.

Environmental FACTORS

Vehicles emanations, refinery operations, industrial wastewaters which contribute to por air quality.

Most autos here use leaded gas and lack emanation control equipment.

Buss and autos running on natural gas are planned to replace the bing public transit fleet in nature.

Iran is enduring from overgrazing and deforestation. Wet land and organic structures of fresh H2O are being destroyed as industries are increasing.

It contends that the international haste to develop oil and gas militias in the Caspian Sea nowadayss that part with a new set of environmental menaces.

To measure the prevalence of corpulence and fleshiness among Persian striplings and their relationship with modifiable environmental factors.


IRAN foremost atomic power which has born after many old ages. Russia is assisting IRAN for establishing atomic power.

Iran is already an thorn and possible beginning of crisis in Turkish-American dealingss. Ankara has important economic ties and energy contracts with Tehran. The entire trade volume between the two states is $ 10 billion and expected to duplicate in the following three old ages — given Turkey ‘s turning demand for natural gas and willingness to decrease its dependance on Russia.

With continued Israeli menaces to assail Iran ‘s atomic plan Iran has a right to support its skies against aggressors. Iran has signed an weaponries trade with the Russian Roso B export weaponries group to purchase 250 Su-30 MKM military planes and 20 Il-78 MKI aerial oilers.


The US is despatching Patriot defensive missiles to four states – Katar, united Arab, A BahrainA andA KuwaitA – and maintaining two ships in the Gulf capable of hiting down Persian missiles.


IRAN is one of the few major economic systems that have kept positive growing despite 2009 planetary fiscal crisis and international countenances associating to atomic power. Distortion ensuing from combination of monetary value control and subsidies peculiarly on nutrient and energy continues to weigh down the economic system. There is broad dispersed corruptness associating to private growing. High oil monetary values this twelvemonth have enabled IRAN to accumulate US $ 100 billion in foreign exchange militias. But there is still dual digit unemployment and rising prices in economic system.

GDP growing for developing oil exporters reached 3.1 and 3.7 per centum, severally, in 2010 and 2011.


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