Peter Meinke and Michael Blumenthal

Blumenthal are both talented writers, but have different styles of writing. They both have had short stories and poems published. During the events attended, they both read two different styles of writing that they wrote. There was a mediator who spoke first and introduced Peter Minnie to start his fictional short story. He read his story called “The Crane. The story was bout an Older couple spending time in their car on a beach somewhere in Florida. The author used great imagery and took nature elements and related it to the real world. The story was somewhat comical and the speaker’s voice was very lively. After Mince’s story, Blumenthal began his fictional short story. His story was about a man spending some time with his son. This story was a little slower than Mince’s story and the tone voice used was almost monotone.

Before the authors started reading their poems, the mediator asked the authors, “What were the differences and similarities in their work? ” They both agreed that Mince’s works tend to “open windows” and Blumenthal works tend to “close doors. ” They went on to say that short stories and poems are better than novels because you do not have to describe things so much to get a meaning or point across. They also said that poems are similar to short stories because poems are just a shortened version of a short story.

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The poems that these authors read were both about family members. Mince’s poem was about an uncle of his that was living life to the fullest as a singer and out of nowhere had to get tracheotomy. This was comical poem because at the end of the poem, the doctor asked the uncle to do another operational procedure to lengthen his time of living. The uncle doesn’t want the procedure done and the doctor asks the uncle how many years he wants to live. The uncle puts one finger up. It was the middle finger. Blumenthal poem was the slower poem.

It was a poem about his deaf grandma and how e stole quarters from her. There were a few funny parts, but I did not like the poem too much. The authors talked about how some poems are very hard to understand and the poem from Blumenthal was very hard for me to understand. Overall, the presentation of literature from Peter Minnie and Michael Blumenthal was interesting. I was more into what the authors had to say about each other’s work than the works themselves. The styles Of writing from the authors were different, but both good.



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