Peter The First A Great Reformer History Essay

Peter the First was born on May 30th 1672, in Moscow. His male parent was czar Alexis. His female parent was Natalya Kirillovna Naryshkina, who was the tsar ‘s 2nd married woman. Peter did n’t turn up in the castle in Moscow, but in Preobrazhenskoye, a little small town near Moscow, where he was sent to, together with his female parent, by his sister Sophia, who was at that clip his trustee.

Turning outside the castle walls, Peter received an unusual instruction. This led Peter to prefer working with his custodies than sitting in his castle. He besides grew up holding good manners and normal criterions of behaviour. Peter at this clip besides enjoyed larning trades. Among others he learned printing, cabinet devising, woodworking and blacksmithing.

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At the age of 17, Peter, was arranged to get married Eudoxia, who was beautiful and formed a suited partner for a tsar. This matrimony was more a political lucifer, than a love one.

Sophia had been plotting to force out Peter ; nevertheless her programs failed, since at the same clip Peter, with support from 18 Russian regiments leaders, achieved to subvert her and go Russia ‘s tsar.

Peter ‘s chief ends from the minute he became tsar were, to do Russia a strong sea power, with both strong naval and mercantile fleet and a portion of Western Europe. In order to accomplish his first end Peter tried foremost to get a warm-sea port, in the Black and in the Baltic Sea ; nevertheless he merely achieved to get lands from the Swedish in the Baltic Sea, where he besides built his new capital St. Petersburg. Furthermore, to accomplish his 2nd end, the 20 five old ages old tsar, formed a “ Grand Embassy ” dwelling out of two hundred and 50 people. With this embassy Peter traveled all around Europe, in order to get information about the western civilization and ways of life so that he could efficaciously occidentalize Russia. Unfortunately, his circuit in Europe ended out of the blue, because of a Streltzi rebellion. When Peter went back to Moscow he captured and tortured one thousand seven hundred Streltzi, taking retaliation.

With the new century, Peter set about to occidentalize Russia. It took Peter 20 five old ages to accomplish his end ; nevertheless he did so successfully, changing every facet of Russian life including: A authorities, commercialism, industry, engineering, instruction, and civilization. Some alterations were decorative, such as promoting work forces to shave their face funguss and follow western manners of frock. More extremist alterations included giving metropoliss and towns the power to elect municipal authoritiess, with particular position granted to merchandisers, professionals, shopkeepers and craftsmans.

Peter the Great died in St. Petersburg, his new capital, on February 8, 1725, holding achieved great reforms and hence meriting his nickname the great. His widow succeeded him as Catharine I.

Early Life

Peter was born in Moscow and was the 4th and last kid of czar Alexis. His female parent, Natalya Kirillovna Naryshkina, was the 2nd married woman of the char. Czar Alexis had another three kids, Feodor III, Sophia Alekseyevna, and the semi-imbecile Ivan, from his first matrimony with Maria Miloslavsky, who died immature. Although she died her household kept looking after Peter ‘s stepbrothers and sister. At the same clip the Miloslavsky household successfully retained its influence in tribunal, while Peter ‘s female parent household was besides endeavoring for influence.

When Peter was four old ages old, his male parent, tsar Alexis, died and Peter ‘s half-brother Fyodor III succeeded him. However, he was n’t a strong leader and therefore his Miloslavsky relations and particularly his clever sister Sophia, assumed most of his power, at the same time weakening the Naryshkina household, including Peter and his female parent. Fyodor merely ruled for six old ages and so he died. Although a weak swayer, he made a really of import determination himself, he chosed his ten-years-old stepbrother, Peter to win him.

Sophia, Peter ‘s twenty-five-years-old sister, on his enthronement twenty-four hours, incited a rebellion of the Streltzi, during which they tortured and slaughtered Naryshkins and their protagonists, in forepart of Peter ‘s eyes. Peter and Ivan were named joint tsars and their sister Sophia was their trustee. Soon after their enthronement, Sophia banished Peter and his female parent to a little small town outside Moscow, with the name Preobrazhenskoye.

Peter grew up in this small town, where he received an uncommon instruction. He worked outside and played war games with other kids. He learned different of import trades, such as printing, cabinet devising, woodworking and blacksmithing. During his stay at that place he besides enjoyed sing a little “ German Colony ” . He was fascinated by the imposts of aliens and with great pleasance learned every bit much as he could about them.

Turning up in the small town with common people he preferred to make manus work, than sitting in the castle, he disliked fancy dressing and ignored the category beginning of his associates. He besides grew up holding good manners and normal criterions of behaviour. He was highly tall ( six pess, eight inches when grown ) , noisy and had a bad pique.

In the age of 17, Peter married to Eudoxia ( Yevdokiya Fyodorovna Lopukhina ) . She was really beautiful and a suited married woman for a tsar. However, their matrimony was more a political lucifer than a love one.

Sophia as a trustee was in house control and was an effectual swayer, although had been defeated twice by the Tartars and this decreased her popularity. She had been be aftering to force out Peter ; nevertheless Peter with the aid of 18 Russian regiments leaders achieved to subvert her and go the lone swayer. At that clip the Streltzi abandoned Sophia and Peter banished her to a convent, from which she ne’er achieved to emerge.

Peter ‘s Goals

Peter had, really clear, in his head what he wanted to accomplish as tsar of Russia. As mentioned before he had set two chief ends from the really beginning of his reign. One was to acquire lands near the sea, so that he would be able to turn his state into a strong sea power, with both coercive armed forces and mercantile fleet.

However, before he set out to carry through his ends he did two really of import things in order to centralise power and maintain every bit much as possible for himself. First, he took away power from the church by going the caput of it, as Henry VIII did when he founded the Anglican Church. Second, he weakened the Russian Lords besides known as boyars.

In order to carry through his first end, Peter fought both the Turks and the Swedish for lands in the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea severally.

Peter foremost launched a run against Azov in the black sea, which nevertheless failed. However, Peter did n’t halt seeking and fought once more following twelvemonth and this clip he was more successful, since he captured Azov, sailing freshly built naval vass down the Don. Now that Russia controlled some sea seashore, Russian ship building increased consequently.

In 1697, to foster his ends of suppressing Turkey and occidentalizing Russia, but besides basking himself, Peter formed a expansive embassy that would go to Western Europe. The embassy consisted of two hundred and 50 people, who were led by three “ Grand Ambassadors ” and intended to beef up the Christian hit against Turkey and to get cognition about life in Western Europe, both the commercial and cultural. The tsar traveled incognito as a portion of the embassy as “ Sgt. Pyotr Mikhaylov. ” ( Parrish, Ann )

During the “ trip ” , Peter achieved to broaden his cognition in shipbuilding both commercial and military, foremost as a ship ‘s carpenter working for the Dutch East India Company and so in the naval boatyards of Great Britain. Additionally Peter, during his embassy, visited armories, mills, schools, museums, and the British Parliament. Experts were besides hired by the embassy in order to present western engineering in Russia. It is said that during the trip, they left behind narratives of bad manners, bibulous public violences, and destroyed belongings. ( Parrish, Ann )

The other chief end of the Gran Embassy, beef uping the Christian hit against Turkey, proved to be a failure and forced Peter to prorogue his programs of geting more lands in the Black Sea. Unfortunately, the embassy ended early, because of the intelligence of another Streltzi rebellion back in Moscow.

When Peter returned back place, he found the rebellion crushed ; nevertheless he took retaliation for this eruption and for his traumatic childhood memories. He captured and tortured a thousand seven hundred Streltzi, roasting them easy in specially-built furnaces. He so hanged the organic structures in the Gatess of Moscow. Peter ‘s retaliation lasted signifier the summer of 1698 until the February of 1699, when he hanged a hundred and ninety five organic structures outside his sister ‘s, Sophia, convent. After this event he weakened even more the power of boyars.

Peter was delighted to capture Azov and so acquire entree to the Black Sea ; nevertheless this was n’t plenty for the ambitious immature tsar, who wanted to acquire lands besides in the Baltic Sea. To accomplish this he launched a run against the Swedish Empire. This led to an about 20 twelvemonth war, called, The Great Northern War.

The opposing sides were on one manus Denmark, Poland-Saxony and Russia, and on the other Sweden. During the early old ages of the war the Swedish achieved dramatic successes. In the summer of 1700, Denmark was quickly defeated to a great extent and hence forced out of struggle. Three months subsequently, the Russians besides suffered a great licking at Narva. Charles the Twelfth, so turned his attending to his 3rd enemy, Augustus the Strong, who at that clip was the swayer of Saxony-Poland. By 1706-1707, Augustus had besides been defeated and temporally deposed as Polish male monarch. However, Charles XII ‘s preoccupation with Poland had given Peter the Great a much-needed chance to reconstruct his shattered armed forces: a modern-style ground forces, based on foot and manned by provincial draftees, was created really quickly in the old ages after Narva. ( R. M. , Hatton )

In 1709 Charles XII tried to occupy Russia, nevertheless he suffered a great licking, after which, he was forced to renounce and therefore he fled to the Ottoman Empire, where he remained until 1714. This licking was a turning point in the war, since after Peter, easy conquered the remainder of the Baltic Sea country lands. In 1714 Charles XII returned, nevertheless he accomplished small, until he died in 1718.

Peace was concluded at Nystad in September 1721. Sweden lost all of its imperium ( apart from the utmost tip of Western Pomerania ) , whereas Russia secured the former Swedish ownerships of Livonia, Estonia, Ingria, and Karelia. The war ‘s chief political effect was the constitution of Russia as the taking military power in northern Europe, a place it was ne’er to lose. ( R. M. , Hatton )

Although Peter technically acquired the lands in the country around the Baltic Sea, in September 1721, at Nystad as mentioned, he had already started to construct a metropolis in the Gulf of Finland, in the oral cavity of river Neva in 1703. In order to construct the metropolis he ordered 1000s of helot from all over Russia to come and work, and as they died by 1000s they were replaced by 1000s. By 1712, adequate portion of the metropolis was built to let Peter to declare the new metropolis, St. Petersburg, his new capital. At the same clip he ordered Lords to construct new houses at that place and travel in. They were forced to populate at that place at least half of the twelvemonth. Food was scarce and with no Bridgess boats were necessary. Oars were out, and the czar insisted that all Russians learn to sail. ( Parrish, Ann )

The lucks of the Northern War brought Peter a Lithuanian kept woman, Catharine, originally Martha Skavronska. She bore him eleven kids, though merely two girls lived. He married her in secret in 1707 and publically in 1712. In 1724 she was crowned her empress. ( Parrish, Ann )

With the new century, Peter, as mentioned, started a run against Sweden to capture lands in the Baltic Sea. However, Peter was a really capable leader and this allowed him to make many things at the same clip. Bing a Great Emperor he achieved to run his run against Sweden and at the same clip overhaul Russia.

Although it took Peter 20 five old ages to accomplish this end, he did it so successfully, changing every facet of Russian life. Peter reformed the manner, the Russian authorities, commercialism, industry, engineering, instruction, and civilization functioned. Many of the alterations he made were decorative, like promoting adult male to shave their face funguss ; this alteration had besides a practical portion, since it was uneasy to work with a really long beard, like the one Russians used to hold. Another decorative alteration that Peter imposed was the alteration of the Russian traditional vesture for the European 1, which nevertheless besides had another deeper ground. Peter wanted to set up close relationships with the Europeans and harmonizing to him a good manner of making so would be for Russia to go more European than it was in the yesteryear. Additionally, Peter introduced murphies in Russia, which easy became a basic of the Russian diet.

At the same clip Peter made besides other more extremist and innovative alterations, such as giving more power to metropoliss and towns, leting them to elect their ain separate municipal authorities, in order to make up one’s mind for their ain issues. In these authoritiess, Peter, desiring to advance trade, scientific discipline, art, in order to construct a strong Russian Empire, granted particular privileges and positions to merchandisers, professionals, shopkeepers and craftsmans. Another, really of import, alteration Peter made, was that he raised adult females ‘s position, leting them to go to societal assemblages.

Peter, as mentioned above, besides “ recreated ” his ground forces and rained his soldier harmonizing to the Western-European criterions. Part of this reform included the creative activity of “ homemade ” Russian equipment, of brilliant quality.

Slowly, as the reforms took topographic point, metropoliss and towns grew and flourished. Additionally, foreign trade increased sevenfold. As Peter saw that his reforms had positive consequences, he started to do more stairss towards the Westernization of Russia. He introduced the Julian calendar, which was the 1 that English used, and brought the Russian one in line with it. Additionally, he introduced secular instruction and permitted Russians to analyze abroad. It is said that sometimes he even forced boyars ‘ kids, Russian Lords, to analyze abroad. He besides promoted the interlingual rendition of European books and encouraged the first Russian newspaper. Finally, he modernized the old Slavic Church alphabet and founded the Russian Academy of Sciences. Peter is besides known for establishing a school of pilotage and a school of art.

In 1724, Peter, in his new capital, St. Petersburg, harmonizing to the German chronicler Jacob von Stahlin, jumped in the icy Waterss of a lake to salvage some of his soldiers that were submerging. Because of that, Peter caught a truly bad cold that resulted into pneumonia, which lead to his decease. However, this is considered as a myth from most historiographers, who province that Peter died because of an infection in his vesica that was a consequence of an operation that he had in order to let go of four lbs of piss that was blocked in it. Harmonizing to the necropsy, Peter ‘s vesica was infected by sphacelus.

After his decease, his 2nd married woman, Martha Skavronska, succeeded him as Catharine I, since he had executed his inheritor, the Tsarevich Alexis, in 1716, on trumped up charges.


Peter the Great died in 1725, holding achieved both his end to a great extent. Peter achieved to capture some lands in the Black Sea and besides get lands in the country of the Baltic Sea. Furthermore, he besides succeeded in Westernizing Russia, since he altered every facet of the Russian life, reforming the manner authorities and the church worked and besides altering traditions that had their roots, 1000s of old ages ago. In these agencies, he achieved to overhaul Russia and do it a competitory state that possessed a strong and capable ground forces made harmonizing to the European criterions. Additionally, Peter succeeded to reenforce Russia ‘s economic system by “ edifice ” a strong mercantile fleet, which allowed his state to go subsequently on a great trade power. With his reforms in the authorities and in the church, he got to do his state more bossy and the cardinal power more efficient. The fact that he weakened boyars allowed him and his replacements to hold steadfast control over the state.

After his decease, his replacements received a state with great chances. It had a strong economic system and it was bossy. It was a sea and a land power at the same clip. For all this grounds, Peter gained his nickname the Great and was characterized as one of the most capable leaders in history.

Peter was widely recognized after his decease non merely in his ain state but besides all around the universe. In Russia many narratives exist about him and he is known as a fable.



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