January 9, 2017 General Studies

Orson Scot Card tried to show the importance of being a good and evil leader by his book Enders’s Game. Good character Ender, bad character Peter. Card represents good and evil characters through Ender and Peters role. Peter is the role that one who can’t be a positive leader. His personality and characters are not for the leader even though he is intelligent enough. Peter was the key to Ender’s (peoples) learning process. Without Peter, Ender would not have been able to make the final key decision to beat out all of those who repress him or hinder his progress.

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Ender’s older brother, Peter, scares him to death. He is sneaky and manipulative sneaky and manipulative and delights in threatening his younger siblings. Peter is particularly hostile towards Ender, jealous that the IF considers Ender superior after his own intelligence was unrecognized. The Fleet eliminated Peter from their roster of Battle School candidates because of his sadistic nature. At school, Peter torments other children by finding “what they most feared and making sure they faced it often” Peter’s cruelty is disguised by his dark and handsome appearance and his ability to hide his actions. .

Peter understands how to use people’s fears to get them to do what he wants. At first he uses this power to bully others, but then he learns to use it to influence people. Although manipulative, Peter is highly intelligent and ambitious. He tells Valentine that having contro is “the most important thing to me, it’s my greatest gift, I can see where the weak points are, I can see how to get in and use them.” At twelve years old he knows that he wants to have control of “something worth ruling,” and envisions himself as the person who can save mankind from selfdestruction. He forms a plan where he and his sister will influence political opinion through their writings. .

The value of intelligence is thoroughly examined in Ender’s Game. The children whom the International Fleet selects to attend Battle School have high IQs and rank the highest in their classes and schools.


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