Petrol Prices Have Seen A Shocking Hike Economics Essay

September 25, 2017 Economics

The gasoline monetary values have seen a flooring hiking of Rs.7.5 on the 23rd of May. The addition is the first since December, 2011. It went up to INR 78.16 per litre. The RBI was holding a tough clip get bying with the lifting rising prices and this addition in gasoline monetary values will do it really hard for them to pull off. The rise in monetary value will besides hit the common adult male who is seeking really difficult to do ends meet.

The rate of rising prices ( one-year ) , based on monthly WPI, stood at 7.23 % for April ( over April 2011 ) compared to 6.89 % for the old month

The Petrol monetary values in the four major tubes after the hiking are as follows:

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Before gasoline hiking

After Petrol Hike













The addition in fuel monetary values straight or indirectly affects all the major sectors of the state. It affects the transit, fabrics, car, FMCG, fabrication, agribusiness sectors and so on. The impact of the indirect consequence is that the monetary values of day-to-day basic trade goods get affected and this addition in monetary value of goods would bit by bit coerce people to pass more and salvage less. 58.4 % of the Indian population belongs to the agricultural sector and their part to the entire GDP is merely approximately 18 % . Such little sum of income being distributed over a big population have a immense impact on them as even a slightest fluctuation would do them poorer which will foster the spread between the rich and the hapless.

The graph below shows the gasoline monetary value fluctuations over the past two decennaries.

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Approximately 50 % of the entire Indian exports net incomes is spent on purchasing crude oil, peculiarly, rough oil, this has a negative impact on the state ‘s overall economic system. In the past five old ages, the sum of imports of the crude oil merchandises is about 40 per cent of the entire exports of India in the last six old ages. For the twelvemonth, 2011-12, it has been every bit high as 51.2 per cent. Such big measures of imports will exercise immense sum of force per unit area on India ‘s current history shortage.

This addition in the petroleum oil imports is non merely because of the addition in the monetary value but besides because of the addition in demand of fuel in the state.

The sum of crude oil imports has increased from 82 million dozenss in 2002-03 to 164 million dozenss in 2010-11, therefore increasing the import measures in footings of rupees by over 500 per cent between 2002-03 and 2010-11. These imports are one of the causes of the consuming foreign exchange militias. In 2002-03, the per centum of crude oil imports with regard to the foreign exchange militias were 23.18 and it went up to 34.80 per cent in 2010-11. This should be a major beginning of concern as a big ball of the state ‘s foreign exchange net incomes are spent on import of a individual trade good.

The ownership of vehicles in India is turning at compound one-year growing rate of 12 % for the two wheelers.71 % of vehicles are two Wheelers, and they run on gasoline. Besides the sale of two Wheelers is about seven times more than the gross revenues of auto within the state. Two Wheelers basically provide mobility to the aspiring and the in-between category. This gives us a just thought about the immense sum of petro consumed by the people.

India was the universe ‘s 5th largest importer of oil. It imports more than 2.2 million bbl/d, i.e. around 70 per centum of its ingestion. Its major imports come from the Middle East ( 34 % ) , Saudi Arabia ( 18 % ) and Africa ( 22 % ) .

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From the below tabular array we can see that, the monetary value of gasoline has risen over the period of five old ages in different states. India ‘s and the emerging economic systems like Russia and China ‘s gasoline monetary value has grown over by 60 % during the past 5 old ages while the developed economic systems have merely a soap of 20 % monetary value growing over the past 5 old ages.

State and Currency



% addition

India ( INR )




USA ( US $ )




Russia ( Ruble )




China ( Yuan )




Japan ( Yen )




Germany ( Euro )




UK ( Pound )




Both oil and crude oil merchandises are scarce trade goods. Therefore both demand and supply are less elastic. The demand-supply and other factors like trust, stashing, supply dazes etc. , the monetary values are fluctuating ( increasing ) to such great degrees doing demand pull, every bit good as cost push rising prices. The hyperbolic oil monetary values non merely impact the hapless people of the state but besides rich people. But the impact is more important on the hapless people.

Addition in the international oil monetary value leads to a domestic rising prices, which thereby decreases the foreign exchange militias. The supply of the foreign currency reduces therefore appreciating the value of the foreign currency and deprecating the local currency which in bend increases the monetary values of imports. It besides deteriorates the balance of trade of the state. All these factors push a state into the poorness trap.

International oil monetary value hiking affects both the populace and the authorities. It brings in rising prices and reduces the buying power of the people. It besides affects the authorities ‘s gross and outgo.

Government being the biggest consumer, it has a negative consequence on the existent GDP, on the foreign exchange militias ; it increases the entire foreign debt of the state and besides farther deteriorates the current history shortage of the state.

With the addition in the fuel monetary values, the monetary value of consumer merchandises increases because oil is an indispensable constituent of the industrial and the fabrication sectors, besides gasoline and Diesel is used for the transit of goods, therefore making an inflationary force per unit area.

The authorities can take a few enterprises which can assist in the long tally. For e.g. there could be a fuel displacement from gasoline, Diesel to Hybrid, CNG, non-motorized conveyance etc. Besides we could undergo

a average displacement i.e. from route cargo conveyance to inveigh cargo conveyance. The authorities can besides do fuel more low-cost by aiming more on subsidies and bettering the already bing strategies.

Besides the vehicle ‘s fuel economic system criterions can be improved there by doing it fuel efficient. Peoples can take a few demand side direction enterprises like auto pooling etc.


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