P&G Oral B Product Recall

December 17, 2017 Marketing

ASUNCION, Anna Madel 2CA5 Position Brief | Oral B Mouthwash Product Recall Procter and Gamble, being a pioneer in the industry, have indubitably established trusted and well-known brands in the market. P&G is recognized all over the world having their products marketed, sold and enjoyed in over 180 countries. The company’s main goal is to provide its customers with goods that will improve and ease out their living. This purpose has been the driving force of the company’s astounding success.

But despite P&G’s numerous achievements in the course of over a hundred years of service, occasional setbacks are still unavoidable. Last July 13, 2011, American multinational company Procter and Gamble conducted a product recall of Oral B mouthwash starting in Canada due to possible microbial contamination. The pullout consisted of two products namely “Oral-B Anti-Bacterial with Fluoride – Alcohol Free Daily Use Mouthrinse” and “Oral B Anti-Cavity Dental Rinse- Alcohol Free”.

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In the succeeding days, Proctor and Gamble also recalled the mentioned products in different countries in Southern America and Asia. The affected products were manufactured in Colombia with ‘best before’ dates running from July 15, 2011 to June 30, 2014. P&G detected that the microorganism Burkholderia anthina caused the said contamination. This bacterium was claimed to pose no risk to average consumers. However, those with weak immune systems, such as people with cystic fibrosis, are in danger of acquiring adverse effects from the use of the defective mouthwash.

Fortunately, no illness due to the contamination has been reported yet. According to CosmeticsDesign. com (USA), a spokesperson from P&G explained: “The products exist by different names in different markets. We have been working with regulatory authorities in each country to issue detailed consumer notifications about which specific products are involved in each country. ” In Colombia, five varieties of Oral B mouthwash have already been pulled, while 600,000 bottles of two varieties were recalled in Mexico.

Meanwhile in the United States, the mouthwash was claimed to be safe to use, so no bottle was withdrawn from the market. In Asian countries such as China and Vietnam, ‘Oral-B Tooth and Gum Care Alcohol-Free Mouth Rinse’ have already been removed from store shelves. In the Philippines, the Department of Health has confirmed a recall of the same variety of Oral B in 500 ml, 300 ml and 60 ml bottles under the DOH-FDA Health Advisory No. 2011-011. In this recent controversy, P&G’s decision to conduct a product recall is nothing but appropriate.

P&G has to uphold its credibility as a leading brand of consumer goods. The accidental contamination hindered the company’s mission to provide quality products to its consumers, so it was simply proper to take immediate actions to retract this mistake. As to the coverage of the product recall, I suppose it is suitable to simply retrieve Oral B products manufactured in Columbia only. A worldwide product recall is not necessary. Oral B is a trusted brand, and its flaw only showed in isolated cases due to the incompetence of the manufacturing facilities in Colombia.

After discovering the defect of the Oral B mouthwash, P&G instantly initiated a recall in the countries where manufactured products from Colombia were distributed. This step proved that P&G cares for and values their consumers. If they didn’t do this, side effects will definitely occur not only in the consumers’ health but also in the entire company’s integrity. They will lose the trust and loyalty of the people avidly purchasing their products, as well as the respect and honour they have gained from the industry.

Surely, P&G wouldn’t want to sacrifice all these just because of a single slip in one of its manufacturing facilities. It wasn’t that big of a blunder and wouldn’t possibly cost them a massive amount of money. In my opinion, making this decision wasn’t all that hard. P&G is a big company, and they can surely back up any problem that they may encounter along the way. It is only right not to ignore what has happened for it will affect the name of the company in the long run. We are in the era where marketing is more focused on the consumers’ needs instead of product sales and profit.

It is essential for a company to develop a good relationship with its customers. It is a good strategy to not only attract potential customers but more importantly to build loyalty among the old ones. The welfare of the consumers should be the topmost priority of an organization. I am pleased that P&G has taken all these into consideration upon deciding what measures to take after the detection of harmful bacteria in their product. I’m confident that P&G will not lose much in this controversy. They have accepted their mistake, took precautionary methods and put the safety of the consumers in their topmost priority.

Their costumers in turn will acknowledge the company’s honesty and devoted service, and reward them with an unwavering loyalty. To prevent this from happening again, P&G must always secure that each function in their company is performing in their utmost capacity. Employees must be competent, alert and disciplined at all times. It is from within the organization that the success of the company is rooted. Even small factors such as sanitation and orderliness should be observed to be able to produce quality goods and services.

Mistakes are inevitable. What is important is that we must always come up with strategies to counter and correct them so that no further casualties will surface sooner or later. Procter and Gamble has proved in this incident that they can come up strong with integrity and aptitude in the face of adversity. Bibliography DoH confirms recall of Oral-B mouth rinse. (2011, August 11). Retrieved August 11, 2011, from Interaksyon TV 5: http://www. interaksyon. org/article/10580/doh-confirms-recall-of-oral-b-mouth-rinse Galindez, F. (2011, July 16).

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