Pharmacist In Charge

January 5, 2018 Teaching

Hours per week: 20 Description of your role: As an employed pharmacy Technician I was responsible for preparing medical insurance claims. Receiving, counting, pouring, weighing, measuring, and mixing medications. I Labeled bottles and packaged prescription. Communicated with patients and gathered information on background, medical history, and prescription history. Compiled data, initiated new patient file, and uploaded existing files. Organized and coordinated patient records.

Reviewed and filled prescription, and provided customers with information and counseling regarding prescriptions and other medications. Verified, received and filled written prescriptions, electronically sent prescriptions, faxed prescriptions, requested for prescription refills, checked for prescription accuracy, interpreted doctors’ medication order and ensured it has been completed correctly. Monitored and maintained pharmacy inventory. Answered phones, stocked shelves, and operated cash registers. Was Responsible for office administration and cashier functions.

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Trained ewe employees and Participated in monthly staff meeting (ERRORS) Activity Name: Clinical Lab Assistant Organization Name: AS College Contact/Supervisor Name: Henry Gomez Contact/Supervisor Title: Assistant Chair Man City/State: New York Dates of Activity: 01/2013- 12/2013 Hours per week: 3 Description of your role: As a volunteer Clinical lab assistant I was responsible for preparing and setting up in advance for laboratory period, promoting safety in the laboratory which entailed being alert for potential unsafe behavior, practices, set- ups and situation, and bring them to the attention of the laboratory supervisor.

Regarding safety, I was keen on enforcing proper use of safety goggles, proper handling of chemical spills, proper handling of broken glassware, proper collection of chemical waste for disposal and proper disposal of non- hazardous laboratory waste. My main duty as a Clinical lab assistant was maintaining the laboratory; I had to clean up spills by proper methods, clean the hoods, the areas around balances and areas around instruments used during the laboratory. My main tasks also included washing glassware and equipment, maintaining supplies and periodic restocking.

I as also responsible for preparation of simple reagents, filled reagent bottles and vials and returning and replacing supplies to designated place in the laboratory. Activity Type: Community Serve Activity Name: Martin Luther King Day of Service Worker Organization Name: The Mellower Community Center Contact/Supervisor Name: Erin Barnett Contact/Supervisor Title: Service Organizer Dates of Activity: 01/2013- 0112013 Hours per week: 1. 5 Description of your role: The purpose of the day of service was to give back to the community. I served a role in painting School walls and redecorating children’s lassoer.

Activity Type: Leadership Activity Name: Co- Dance Choreographer Organization Name: Lehman College performing Arts Center Contact/Supervisor Name: Patricia Learning Contact/Supervisor Title: Chair Man Dates of Activity: 03/2013-04/2013 Hours per week: 4 Description of your role: This was an extracurricular activity I choose to do because I have always had a deep passionate love for performing arts; which I participated a lot in High School. My part of the role was directing rehearsals to instruct dancers in how to use dance steps and in techniques to achieve desired effects.

I experimented with different steps, dances and tested ideas informally to get feedback from dancers. I read and studies story lines and musical scores to determine how to translate ideas and moods into dance movements. I also advised on how to stand and move properly as well as teaching correct dance techniques to help prevent injuries. Activity Name: Senator Organization Name: Lehman College Student Government/ Division of Student Affairs Contact/Supervisor Name: Michael E. Sullivan Contact/Supervisor Title: Director Dates of Activity: 08/2012- Hours per week: 5

Description of your role: My role as a Student senator was to represent the body of said constituencies. My favorite part of the Job is speaking with students and bringing forth concerns, ideas and possible solutions to make Lehman College the best possible educational institution. I get ideas and suggestions from students on campus and bring it to the surface by providing oral and written reports at full Senate meetings. I post Student Senate minutes, agenda and suggestion box on Senate bulletin board to get clear view and ideas. I am actively involved in College and Student Affair.


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