Philosophy of Consciousness

By March 27, 2018 Philosophy

Two distinct minds or consciousness acting upon the same body, one during the light the other in darkness. Nothing is inconceivable about this idea. We have been raised as children observing consciousness exchange in cartoons and all sorts of movies. Even with an elementary understanding we realize that even though the person’s body has changed it is still the same person. The other question is could one consciousness act on two separate entities by intervals. Such as during the day you control body 1 and during the night body 2.
Locke believes that nothing but consciousness can unite remote existences into the same person; the identity of substance cannot do for if this were not true a carcass may be a person. Locke also begs the question of this day and night man being two distinct and novel individuals. Also in the case regarding one man running two bodies in intervals- is that not the same as one man changing into two distinct set of clothes. Locke claims that there is “nor is it at all material to say the same. Both cases owe to the same distinct and immaterial substance that is in to those bodies. This is of course accepting that the thinking part of a man is immaterial and is not contained in the matter of one’s body. Locke claims that there are similar cases to this in patients with long term commas and memory harming diseases such as Alzheimer patients.
Bernard Williams shows that “body-swapping is conceptually possible but doesn’t support his thesis as well as it might seem. Williams creates a body swapping scenario. Person A undergoes a process with person B will swap memories and character traits with each other. When person A is asked who he is he will say person B and vice versa for person B. When asked all sorts of questions the same response is created. With the information given it is intuitive that person A & B have switched bodies. Person A-body is person B-mind and B-body is A-Mind. A similar yet different scenario is formed, where…


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