The government provide health care

By February 4, 2019 Health

Pie CoulibalyProfessor Ricks
ESOL 0354
22 April 2018
Should the government provide health care?
In most developed countries health care is one of the important things that people deserve to have access to free. No matter people social or economic status, health care is the best way to help every person to get a better life. In my opinion, the government should provide health care to better protect and serve its population.

First of all, the government must provide health care for all of its citizens because it makes for a healthier citizens’ life. It is the government’s duty to take care of its citizens’ health. Any country is made strong when its citizens have a good health. When people in the country are living healthy and happy, the people can better contribute to the workforce. Also, having free health care should help people with diseases, such as cancer, diabetes and heart attack to get free treatment. Many diseases could be cure if everybody can get access to a Doctor without pay a medical bill. Then, the government must focus on the well-being of the population by creating many proximities health care centers in each neighborhood. In addition, each government is formed for the benefit of the population. The government has a responsibility to be sure the population is a good health. For example, the government must ensure the basic necessity for the population such as sanitation system, food, education and health care. In France, the government provides free health care for every citizen who lives there. All sickness persons can go to the hospital and get free treatment. So, providing health care by the government will welcome to help poor people get a better health. For example, poor people cannot afford health care may go to a hospital to check their health and without pay any medical bills.
Some people expressed an unfavorable opinion of providing health care by the government can affect the country’s economy. In their view, if the government provides health care the country’s budget will go down because health care is too expensive. Also, the government will not be able to pay enough money to ensure the use of the new innovates methods of treatment. For example, financed for new research to cure diseases will be very hard for the government because the government does not have enough money.
Then, other people say if the government provides health care could be a bad way and make people lazy. For example, people will depend on the government for just get everything. In fact, I think the government has the right to provide health care for its citizens because all workers pay taxes and in return, the government must take care of the population. Furthermore, people with free health care can get a better life and long life. So, each government who provides health care for its population will have the support of the people till the end of his mandate.

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In conclusion, providing health care by the government for the citizens is the most important benefit for the country. Free health care can help poor people to go to the hospital and get a good health. The government of each country must provide health care for the population. Having free health care can save much life and help people to get a better life.


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