Pit Bull Legality

January 5, 2018 Medical

They get referred to as the meanest breed because you always here on the news and media that there have been reported human deaths due to a Pit Bull attacking. These incidences have alleged people to believe that they should be outlawed. I do not agree with those assumptions. Pit Bull dogs should not be banned because it is not the breed that makes them so aggressive, it is the owner’s that raise and train them. Also the media bombards the public with bad press about them. They provide the people with misconceptions about them and that changes their views towards the animal.

Pit Bulls were originally bred for bull- and bear-baiting, and then later on they were bred to fight in front of crowds in an arena. They used to have an excellent reputation back when they were first discovered and they were thought to be the picture perfect family pet because they were so loving and caring to people. The reason why their behavior was so well mannered was because the original owners trained them to be nice to people. “But the tide turned in the late sass, when pit bulls became popular among people who “weren’t focused on the positive attributes f the breed – they were looking for a strong, scary-looking dog” (Reid 1).

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People that acquired mean looking Pits like that usually were involved in some sort of underground dog fighting. Fighting dogs is an easy was for a Pit Bull owner to make some quick cash. This led to owners making the dogs very aggressive towards anything that got in its way so they could win. Which is why you here of cases about an attacking on a human because the dogs mind set was to kill. This was brought to a national attention when former Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vicki was charged with running a dog-fighting operation. He was sentenced to a near two years in federal prison. That’s why it all boils down to how the owner raises it. Every dog is an individual,” Grant says. “Pit bulls are Just dogs and if they are not raised properly and socialized and treated right, they can have behavior problems. But they aren’t any more problematic than any other breed by nature” (Babcock 1). Cases like Vic’s give Pit Bulls even more of a bad rap. The media provides us viewers at home that Pit Bulls should be outlawed because of their destruction and violence. They try to tell us facts like Pits are more likely to attack a person rather than a golden retriever, but in fact the ASPIC and other major animal rights groups have recommended against breed-specific laws.

A study was released in 2000 that was focused on fatal dog attacks and it breaks it down in to specific breeds and the bite rate in which they occurred. Shockingly the results came back and stated that there is not clear evidence that one specific breed was attacking. It was every single type of breed and the majority of the bites that were recorded were not even bad enough bites to seek medical attention. This proves that cogs have a tendency to aggression because they were bred for protection, fighting, social status, or to gain some extra money.

The news also tries to fill our brains up with myths and common misconceptions. Some of the myths include such as pit bulls are aggressive towards humans. That is a false statement. Imagine if you were a dog that was trained his whole life to kill the opponent at various fights and you are all riled from fighting and very aggressive and then fighting is taking away from you. You then encounter a human being that is messing around with you playfully and you are not going to think it’s a playful tuition; you are going to attack like it is a fight.

Then incidences like this are reported and then people believe that Pit Bulls are aggressive to humans. Another misconception is that they have locking Jaws. This is also one hundred percent inaccurate. There is nothing that is different in a Pits Jaw than any other dog out there. They cannot physically lock their Jaw. They are more likely to hold on and not let go because they were taught to never give up until the victim is diseased or has no will to fight back. This goes back to how the owner has trained the dog to be.

If they were ever to pass the law where Pit Bulls are banned, it would be taking loved pets away from their families and they need to realize that banning one type of breed will not stop all of the other dangerous dogs. It truly is how the owner has maintained and trained the dog. You need to show it lots of affection and teach it to be nice to others. The media needs to recognize that there are great Pit Bulls out there that are not going to harm a soul. Pit Bulls are Just like any other canine species and no matter the dogs background, it can be raised up into a fun loving and playful best friend.


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