plagiarism activity

1. Specify in your ain words what plagiarism is.

Plagiarism is when person uses another ‘s words without admiting who the rightful proprietor of the statement is.

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2. Can you descry the plagiaristic transitions in this authorship sample about theCherry Orchard? There are 6 unacknowledged citations in this authorship sample. Can you happen at least 3 of them? As you find them, put citation Markss around the transitions and add a footer stating the cyberspace beginning where it was found.

Russia, as a state, kept altering at the beginning of the 20th century. Rich people became hapless and lost their estates and their pheasants, while the in-between category became more of import.

In Chekhov ‘s drama theCherry Orchardwe see how a affluent landholder and blue blood like Mrs. Ranevsky lost their lucks and their estates because they were no longer able to populate on the labour provided by the helot ( slaves ) . In her inability to pull off her fundss and to maintain her estate, Madame Ranevsky represents the subject of cultural futility while Lopakhin represents the middle class who is looking to happen significance in its newfound philistinism.

For illustration, in Act II, Madame Ranevsky complains aloud about how she can non command her money, while in the same breath she allows Yasha, the most untrusty character, to pick up her spilled bag. The fact that she is able to speak about her failing and neglect the safety of her money in the same breath indicates that, despite her ailments, she is still blind to much of her job. On the other manus, the merchandiser Yermolai Lopakhin is in rapture over his freshly acquired ownership, when he returns from purchasing the estate at auction. He is now the proprietor — he who had risen from the helot of the former maestro of the grove!

Therefore, a new era begins in the cherry grove. On the ruins of romanticism and blue easiness there rises commerce, its Fe manus yoking nature, lay waste toing her beauty, and robbing her of all glow.

3. How good is this stolen analysis of theCherry Orchard? What grade would you delegate for this composing sample?



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