Planning The Implementation Of A Helpdesk System Information Technology Essay

I act as the Project Manager in charge of the undertaking. A Programing squad will take the topographic point to develop a new Helpdesk system the System as the clients demands to maintain the accurate records of proficient jobs exercised by the users and the solutions to jobs so that to work out the jobs efficaciously and expeditiously when similar or the same jobs arise in future.

The undertaking is freshly started ; the aid desk staffs merely provide the initial thoughts and demands. The scheduling squad has non designed the System yet.

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The present system does non hold any certification or processs to follow and incomplete and losing yesteryear records of what are the jobs, how to work out them, and any follow up or remedial actions, etc. The System will merely enter the new aid desk call records. No old informations was required to migrate to the System.

The aid desk juniors have merely basic cognition to utilize the computing machines and the package such as Windows operation system and MS Words or Excel. They record the aid desk calls and go through them to assist desk applied scientists to follow up the calls.

The System includes 1 waiter and 3 calculating squad members. The waiter shops the System and the aid desk call records. 2 of the squad members are for entering and updating the calls. Another squad member is for the aid desk supervisor to look into the calls position and shut the calls upon completion.

The deadline of the undertaking is 2 months which including the clip of undertaking planning, planing, developing, implementing, rectifying and supplying preparation.

The bing undertaking director will manus over the undertaking to me in the first 2-day and so off work.

The company size is around 500 staffs. The civilization is unfastened and friendly.

Undertaking 1

Write a reappraisal of what you will necessitate to cognize about this undertaking in order to pull off it successfully.


Undertaking reappraisal

As the undertaking director has fallen ailment and will be off work for the foreseeable hereafter. I would take the function of undertaking director and replace his occupation. In order to manus over the undertaking, I would necessitate to cognize the inside informations of the undertaking including the user demands, budget, timeline, undertaking begun and forces involved, etc.

The below list of points is the information I need to cognize the inside informations.

1.1.1 Project methodological analysis and tools

The first thing I need to cognize is what undertaking methodological analysis and tools are utilizing in the undertaking, such as SSADM ( Structured Systems Analysis and Design Method ) , SDLC ( System Development Life Cycle or waterfall. It is of import because different methodological analysiss have different processs, criterions, attacks, and certification. The undertaking methodological analysiss and tools would impact the way of the undertaking development and execution. A company should hold a consistent undertaking direction methodological analysis in topographic point which is common to their undertakings.

I need to cognize which undertaking methodological analysis and tools the company is utilizing therefore I can follow the criterions to run the undertaking and fix the needed paperss expeditiously and efficaciously so that to run into the deadline.

1.1.2 Documentation Available

I need to hold all the available paperss included the bing planning, user demands, meeting proceedingss, and if possible to acquire the sketch of each squad member so that to cognize their background of cognition and experience in developing the system and to which extent to pass on and supervise them in some cardinal undertakings in order to run into the deadline. The above paperss can assist me to cognize the position of the undertaking and guarantee the proper and sufficient forces to assist me to accomplish the marks. Besides, I would besides necessitate some other information for developing and implementing the System. The paperss are listed as below:

The undertaking be aftering – To cognize the planning of the undertaking, the information includes the intent of the System, budget, forces involved and timeline.

User demands – To cognize the demands of users, it is used for developing the System.

Meeting proceedingss – To cognize contents of the meeting and the determinations were made in past meetings, any actions required and the advancement or present position of the System reported.

Workflow of Help desk – To cognize the work flow and working processs of the aid desk squad, it is used for developing the System.

The bing aid desk occupation sheets and studies – it is used for planing the new occupation sheets and studies layout.

Personnel – turnover and ill leave records which might assist me to cognize how is the attitudes and lesson of the squad members in order to do certain adequate forces to finish the undertakings within the deadline. Besides, the occupation descriptions of each party besides assist me to calculate out which one is responsible for which undertaking so that I can easy to happen the suited individual to inquire for and follow up the undertaking.

From the above, it would give me a brief background and information to do the suited determination and actions required to be taken up, any pressing undertakings need to finish foremost. It is besides guarantee that smooth workflow and adequate forces to accomplish the marks therefore the certification is of import.

1.1.3 Risk Assessment carried out

I need to cognize the bing hazard appraisal including the nature of the hazard, what sort of consequence and action required, recommendation and action party.

Here are some hazards I predict ;

Hazard 1: Improper usage of computing machines from users

What sort of consequence: Cause the system corruptness and informations loss

Action: Scheduled backup undertaking is necessary to the operation system and informations

Recommendation: Training about the backup and restore processs to the delegated staff

Action Party: Undertaking Engineer

Action start clip: Before the users start to work in the System

Hazard 2: Virus onslaught from Internet

What sort of consequence: Cause the low public presentation of the web system, waiters and workstations

Action: Firewall with the suited policy scene is necessary in the web

Recommendation: Instruct the delegated staff to supervise the firewall log.

Action Party: Undertaking Engineer

Action start clip: Before the users start to work in the System

Hazard 3: Electrical rush and unstable power supply

What sort of consequence: Cause the hardware dislocation

Action: Set up the UPS to protect the waiter and the of import web equipment

Recommendation: Instruct the delegated staff to implement the trial under the fixed agenda to guarantee the map of the UPS

Action Party: Undertaking Engineer

Action start clip: Before the waiter and the of import web equipment are installed

Hazard 4: Mishandling of the hardware ( computing machines, broadband router, Switch and so on ) and the package media ( Setup CD/DVD/Floppy disc )

What sort of consequence: The completion day of the month of the undertaking will be postponed and the cost of the undertaking will be increased if there is any harm or loss in the package and hardware

Action: Instruct the delegated staff how to manage the hardware and package media

Recommendation: Make the backup transcript of the apparatus CD/DVD/Floppy disc before the installing

Action Party: Undertaking Engineer

Action start clip: When the orders are issued to the provider? ? ? ?

Hazard 5: Ventilation system ( temperature and humidness )

What sort of consequence: Improper indoor status cause the hapless public presentation of the system and hardware fail

Action: Air conditioner need be setup in the waiter / computing machine room

Recommendations: – The temperature and humidness metre should be installed in the waiter / computing machine room for the mention

– The delegated staff need maintain the good indoor status

Action Party: Undertaking Engineer provides the guidelines to the delegated staffs who maintain the room conditions

Action start clip: Before the hardware is set up in the waiter / computing machine room

Predicting the hazards and be aftering the eventuality action is really important as it would calculate out how to work out it and related party are concerned to take appropriate methods to minimise any inauspicious effects to the System and act as a guideline to the staff members when hazards occur.

1.1.4 Procedures begun

As the undertaking has already started, I need to cognize the present procedures begun.

1.1.5 Forces involved

Collection of all involved squad members and the contact phone no. and email reference including:

The contact individual of each party, including the aid desk and scheduling squad

The aid desk squad member and supervisor

The senior direction of the company

The users will be involved when system trial

I should cognize the above in order to do certain sufficient work force to work on the undertaking. Besides, the undertaking squad besides needs to cognize the direction ‘s outlook of the System and acquire the blessing of the budget from the direction.

1.1.6 Manners and Lines of Communicationss

Sufficient and appropriate briefings to the forces in order to hold a better communicating and squad spirit can be built up to accomplish the mark, i.e. to run into the deadline as people are loath to alter, my replacing might take the forces need clip to accommodate and experience anxiousness about this which will impact the quality and work.

Undertaking 2

Concept a realistic program to cover the first 5-day you will be in station.


Phase of the undertaking

As I know that the clip bound of the undertaking is 2 months, I will merely to split it into 5 stages as below:

Fig. 1, Phase of the undertaking

Planing – Meeting with bing Project Manager to take over the undertaking in order to hold brief information about the present state of affairs, reading available and needed paperss and information as mentioned in order to function as assistance to do proper determination, run intoing with users to reexamine the undertaking demands, run intoing with direction to cognize the resources, budgets and their outlook of the undertaking, etc.

Design – Meeting with development squad and aid desk users to plan System. To understand their chief occupation responsibilities and any undertakings those are behind agenda.

Development – The clip of development squad to develop the System

Test and reexamine – System trial and users review the System to run into the users ‘ demands.

Implement and developing – System implement and users preparation.

Agenda of Week 1

I would compose it out the agenda planning of the first hebdomad to name out all the undertakings that should be completed. The tasks how I take over the undertaking, what I would necessitate to read and look into, and whom I would necessitate to talk and run into.

The below list is the all undertakings I need to make at the first hebdomad. I would utilize the clip of first hebdomad to take over the undertaking and cognize the users ‘ demands. What are the jobs and how does the System can work out the jobs. The intent is for the users to fix the meeting with development squad at the 2nd hebdomad.

The agenda planning is for a 7-hour on the job twenty-four hours and five on the job yearss per hebdomad. Therefore the list is the clip direction of 35 hours.




Time ( Hours )


Meeting with bing PM

Take over the undertaking, manus over the available paperss, reference the missing paperss and studies, the advancement of the System, any points are behind agenda




Read the available paperss and information

Read the ready paperss




Fix the missing paperss

The bing PM fix the missing paperss mentioned in T1




Fix a return over study

List all paperss, undertakings, information return over from bing PM, any points behind the agenda




Concluding meeting with bing PM

Concluding meeting with bing PM, reexamine all the return over paperss and information




Fix the bill of exchange undertaking planning

Review all paperss and fix the bill of exchange undertaking planning




Meeting with aid desk staff and Management

Meeting with aid desk staff and company direction to suggest the undertaking planning




Review the concluding undertaking program

Review and modify the undertaking harmonizing to the direction demand at T11



Pull the above undertakings program to ocular activity web diagram as below figure:

Fig. 2, Visual activity web of first hebdomad.

The critical way of ocular activity web was showed below ;

Fig. 3, Critical Path.

Undertaking 3

Plan for an event in Week 2 of clip as undertaking trough.


Planning of Week 2

The chief aim of Week 2 is run intoing with aid desk users and the development squad to integrating their thoughts and demands to plan the System. Throughout this, I can hold a clearer image of the facts they are meeting. I would besides ask for the related parties, e.g. Help Desk Staffs, Help Desk Supervisor, Development Team and Project Manager via electronic mail and agenda a meeting on Monday afternoon. All the meeting stuffs including the system program, users ‘ demands, run intoing docket will be sent to the attendants on Week 1 Friday afternoon to do certain the attendants have adequate clip to read and fix the information before meeting. It is estimated that the clip of the meeting would be 3 hours and the length of proceedings would be mentioned subsequently. As it is the first meeting with the working degree squad members and users, it is expected that proceedings would be more. In order to do the users easier to understand the System, projector and notebook would be used to hold a PowerPoint presentation to the users.

Another meeting will be scheduled at the terminal of Week 2 for the development squad to give feedback and inquiries about the System after understanding the information. It besides serves as a proctor to the undertaking to run into every undertaking in a proper mode.

As communicating is really of import presents, more information gathered from the users can take me to do proper determination easier and cognize what is traveling on. From the meeting, I can cognize which countries I need to set more attempt into it and demo concern for it in order to run into the deadlines.

3.2 Meeting docket & A ; briefing note

The bill of exchange the meeting docket is prepared as below:



Date: 8 Nov. , 2010

Time: 2:30 autopsy – 5:30 autopsy

Location: TBA ( Meeting Room for 6 – 8 ppl )

Attendants: Help Desk Staffs, Help Desk Supervisor, Development Team, Project Manager

Briefing Note:

The aim of the meeting is to give an chance to the development squad to hold on thoughts and to cognize the users ‘ demands and outlook of the System. This is the first meeting of users and development squad. In order to capture users ‘ cognition and demands, the meeting will be outright recorded and a meeting minute will be sent to every attendant after the meeting.

Another meeting will be scheduled at the terminal of Week 2 for development squad to give feedback and inquiries about the System after understanding the information.

The types of feedback would be proficient issue on how to implement the system or deficiency of cognition of it, they do non cognize what to make, how to screen out the jobs. Besides, human issue on afraid of such alteration, people who are loath to any alterations or worry about the replacing may impact their accustomed work manner or flow. Peoples might besides decline to show their demands and thought so that I can non cognize the existent job. They might besides decline to collaborate or no squad spirit and cohesive to finish the undertaking. Low morale can non do the undertaking to go success. Therefore in the meetings, it is a good manner to promote the people to show the positions openly and I would giving the positive feedback or acknowledgment to the outstanding people particularly several critical minutes to the development of undertaking.

Agenda Items:

Outline the chief jobs

Review the users demands

Review the planning

Planing the development agenda, qualifying clip and length of development proceedings

Stipulating what equipment is required for development

Scheduling following meeting


Undertaking 4

Write a short sum-up of the hazards faced by a undertaking director taking over an bing undertaking, which has a critical deadline.


Hazards of the undertaking

This is difficult for a undertaking director taking over an bing undertaking because there are many hazards ;

Short period of clip to take up the occupation – Because there are merely 2 yearss taking over the undertaking, there are few chances to hold a better understanding the System, users, company civilization and resources which may easier to lose out some important points during the return over.

Improper and incomplete of paperss and records – As mentioned before, good records direction can supply more information to do better determination. Some paperss and records may be missed during the return over which can non truly reflect the full image of the System. More information available can do better determination. Incomplete records besides take more clip to seek which besides affects the timescale of the undertaking.

New cooperation – As this is first clip to work with this company, deficiency of background, policy and civilization of the company. The direction, construction of the company, are at that place many coverage lines, easier to hold better communicating, no misinterpretation between the lines and manner of communicating which will besides impact the expected clip to finish the undertaking. Besides, the undertaking director needs to take clip to accommodate the new environment and civilization of the company.

Forces issue – Lack of cognition of the users and development squad members, it besides need clip to construct up squad spirit due to the new composing of the squad and members. Morale, different working manner, turnover and working an attitude of the people is besides the hazard of hinder the advancement of the undertaking.

Different undertaking methodological analysis and tools – Each company has different undertaking methodological analysis and development tools, I should suit in and all right melody the methodological analysis and tools which is suited to the System in order coating the undertaking on clip.

Budget – utilizing the limited resources to accomplish the marks, closely proctor with the work flow in order to avoid the over budget which need the blessing and consent of the direction.

Quality – in order to run into tight timescale, the quality confidence and proctor is besides of import to the success of the undertaking. In order to accomplish it, some steps should be put in topographic point to guarantee non merely run intoing the deadlines, quality is besides really of import.


From the above, as a undertaking director takes an of import function to implement the System. He acts as a coordinator and determination shaper to overview and supervise the undertaking. Besides the proficient issues, communicating, people and budgets are besides of import factors in order to accomplish the marks. Effective analytical accomplishments, good communications accomplishments, adaptative to the new environment of the undertaking director can understand the company policy and civilization every bit speedy as possible to salvage clip to acquire familiar with the undertaking and cooperate with teammates in order to acquire the work done expeditiously and efficaciously.

Mentions List

[ 1 ] Eddie Moynihan, 1993, Business Management and Systems Analysis, Henley-on-Thames, UK

[ 2 ] Peter Fearns, 1998, Business Studies, Teach Yourself, London.



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