Plant Growing Lamp Presentation Essay

Good forenoon. everybody. Thank you for coming to my short presentation today. Let me present myself foremost. I’m Chris Wong. a medical helper of Willis Health Centre. I’m really glad today to show to you our team’s proposed merchandise. Dino. a works turning lamp. My presentation will be covered into three parts. I’ll. foremost of all. present to you the background information about our environment. Next. I’ll explicate our proposed merchandise. Dino. Finally. I’ll outline some jobs that our squad concerned about. Afterwards. there will be a inquiry and reply session.

Right. allow me get down with the background about our environment. In fewer old ages. do you experience the conditions is unexpected? Do you believe this is awful? Do you cognize why? Let me speak you. Nowadays. human do tonss of things to damage our environment is caused the bigger job. planetary heating. That why the conditions is unexpected. They use tonss to things to let go of the nursery gas. It is planetary issue because the effects are really of import. That why we developed this works turning lamp.

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Fine. I’ll now explain our proposed Dino. To get down with. let’s expression at the aesthetic value. This lamp can come with different form and colour. Most of import is it will hold some seed inside the lamp. You can take the form and colour to fit your place design and your place will be more modern. After the works grows up. it besides can offer fresh air. You will hold a fantastic environment in the house because it can be a pretty ornament. Now. let’s bend to the user’s demands. The lamp has deep penetrating infrared visible radiation. Do you experience tired after a whole working?

It can assist you to relief hurting and stimulate blood circulation. You feel more relax after utilizing Dino. It truly can convey you a wellness benefits. So much for the user’s demand and the aesthetic. Let’s now look at the benefits for our company image. As you know. our company waies are concentrating on wellness and environment. I think the wellness benefits of the user are already to advance our images. For the environment. the lamp is utilizing a bio-degradable stuff. It is less damaged to our environment and it is really eco-friendly since Dino is besides utilizing the reclaimable stuff.



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