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Argument of Video Games
Electronic games, also known as video games, refer to all interactive games that operate on an electronic device platform. From the initial handheld devices to shopping malls, from video games to computer games, from indie games to online games, video games have developed rapidly. Video games attract many young people with interaction, participation and interest. However, social experts and scholars and children’s parents have different opinions on video games. Some are optimistic, some are pessimistic, and some are intermediate attitudes. Personally, I think video games are a good way to enrich life under the premise of the reasonable arrangement of game time.

Therefore, this paper will demonstrate my support for video games starting from the benefits of video games.

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The benefits of video games
1.1.1 Electronic games promote the development of player intelligence
Video games provide players with a virtual environment in which they can try to master the outside world and build their relationship with the outside world. For example, in a role-playing game, the player chooses to play a role; this allows the player to experience different characters and thus have the ability to think backward. In the action game, it is necessary to analyze and judge in the moment of confrontation to form a decision, so that in an adventure game, it is possible to arrange and experience various adventures and adventures on its own. If an abnormal situation occurs, it can also be tested, evaluated, etc. In the course of the game, a rich sense of the screen can not only stimulate the visual nerve but also can train the player’s reaction speed.

Video games can improve the way of thinking and be solving problems. Video games are set with certain program and rules, which means that users need to really think about how to deal with problems in the game carefully. Sometimes, one small mistake means you need to start it all over. At the same time, users should think about what maybe happen in the next step, and be prepared to the following situations. This is another training. Because when thinking about the game, it can become a habit in the daily life (Olson.C 2016).

1.1.2 Video games bring new experiences to players’ aesthetic activities
In order to attract players, the video game’s images, scenes, characters and plots are carefully designed from the perspective of beauty. Some scholars often compare video games and movies, television and other arts. They believe that video games are a new form of art. It is believed that in the history of the development of human art, video games will follow art forms such as literature, drama, painting, music, dance and architecture, and film and television. Become a unique “ninth art.”
For growing players, healthy video games can arouse the player’s visual acuity while arranging the game time rationally, thereby enriching the visual experience. Good game design not only allows players to have a good gaming experience. At the same time, it also improves the player’s aesthetic ability.

1.1.3 Video games promote the social development of players
From group games to existing online games, players must abide by common rules, keep in harmony with everyone, accept collective control, and meet collective demands. This requires players to continue to publish self-centered activities. Assess partners and their behavior, and gradually develop the friendship, fairness, and responsible awareness and philosophy. It can be said that the game process is also a process in which the player’s self-consciousness continues to develop and improve. It is also a process of continuous socialization. At the same time, young players who have not participated in the society can also experience social life in advance and be familiar with the prediction of social life.

Video games can improve social skills. Some online video games need many gamers cooperate together. At this time, group members need to communicate and cooperate together. This requirement asks for lots of social skills. Luckily, video games give users a platform to practice all those skills which are very important for job and life (Olson.C 2016).

1.1.4 Enrich life and reduce life pressure
In today’s era of rapid electronic development, everyone’s daily life is inseparable from the mobile phone. In free time, mini-games that play free time not only enrich life, but also identify game partners with common preferences in the game. For people with poor social skills, making friends through games is a stress-free way.

In addition, Video games are independent activities. With the development of virtual reality technology, the degree of virtual reality is getting higher and higher. It can represent more complex things and create a more realistic virtual environment. In video games, players can get rid of the shackles of the current situation, vent their bad feelings, and release pressure.

The two sides of video games
Admittedly, video games have a negative impact on player development. However, any behavior will have a comprehensive effect on its physical, mental and external environment. It is arbitrary to attribute it to a single factor. The types of video games are various and they cannot be considered as the root cause of various negative problems. For video games, we should not demonize video games. Instead, we should play an active role in game selection, game process, game behavior, and game development from the perspectives of activeness, health, and safety.

Video games have become part of our culture and have become part of our lives in many ways. As a society, we need to focus on how to use them to improve our lives. We have seen that research shows that we use video to improve our ability to track multiple objects so that we can monitor more environments. Driving video games at the same time can help us better analyze what is happening around us and make quick decisions. Take best practices in all situations. Every year there is a new study on the advantages of video games. Our society will not be destroyed by this kind of behavior but will be further improved. If we refuse to give erroneous attention to violence and aggression, then we will be at a disadvantage. Video games stop here.

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